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make normal or cause to conform to a norm or standard

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With our conceptualization of [C.sub.c] complete, we used it to renormalize and compare three physically significant energy distributions in physics, namely, the Maxwell-Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein, and Fermi-Dirac distributions for energy of subatomic particles.
The workers make associations between ideas and cases and between theory and practice and therefore renormalize their activities (Lima, 2007; Lima & Bianco, 2009).
"ECs are trying to renormalize smoking habits", says Dr Latif, "We as public health professionals need to learn from history and it gives me a deja vu of the 1960s when cigarette companies told the public that their products are safe (but they were not).
Tononi said sleep helps the brain renormalize synaptic strength based on a comprehensive sampling of its overall knowledge of the environment, rather than being biased by the particular inputs of a particular waking day.
Council Speaker Christine Quinn said before the vote that allowing e-cigarette devices into places where cigarettes are now banned could "renormalize" smoking and undermine the public perception that the habit is now acceptable only in the privacy of one's own home.
In sleep deprivation, an imbalance occurs; acupuncture stands for a homeostatic force to renormalize the yin and yang, biphasic regulation effects of acupuncture.
One manner is to renormalize the uncertainties to the interval [0,1].
In this work, we renormalize each two orbital periods set with [[tau].sub.OP] = 4[pi][([[omega].sub.BW]).sup.-1].
This is because he wanted to build trust, attract investments, and renormalize the relationship with the local capital owners based on transparency and honesty.
Had we been more forceful in our action to renormalize policy then, it's likely we might have suffered far less in 2008 through 2010.
This is consistent with prospect theory-based research, which suggests that people tend to renormalize gains quickly and losses slowly.
Thus, they bear the greatest share of responsibility for Syria's present condition, and the choice to launch a process meant to renormalize Syria's relations with the world rests primarily in their hands.
The nurse commends parents for their current intensified illness management efforts and raises the possibility of developing strategies to renormalize family life once Lily's diabetes is in better control.
administration is seeking to "renormalize relations" in the wake of the May 1999 NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.