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restored to a new condition

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Scarce had the day dawned, when the gormandizing was renewed by the whole band, and carried on with surprising vigor until ten o'clock, when all prepared to depart.
In another instant she was back at the lattice, and with renewed fury was clawing at the aperture, but with lessened effect, since the wounded member was almost useless.
I not only renewed it, but added to its proportions.
Under the thatched roofs her mind's eye beheld relaxed tendons and flaccid muscles, spread out in the darkness beneath coverlets made of little purple patchwork squares, and undergoing a bracing process at the hands of sleep for renewed labour on the morrow, as soon as a hint of pink nebulosity appeared on Hambledon Hill.
Moreover, "liviers" were disapproved of in villages almost as much as little freeholders, because of their independence of manner, and when a lease determined it was never renewed.
There were many times when either side might have withdrawn without dishonor and thus ended hostilities, but from the mad abandon with which each invariably renewed hostilities I soon came to believe that what need not have been more than a trifling skirmish would end only with the complete extermination of one force or the other.
And then the fight surged upon us once more and we were separated, but my heart's desire was attained, and it was with renewed vigor and a joyous soul that I laid about me with my long-sword until the last of the green men had had enough and had withdrawn toward their distant sea bottom.
Despite the clear danger of renewed drilling, Venoco is speaking publicly about its intentions to restart drilling off Platform Grace, located just twelve miles from the same communities devastated by Platform Alpha.
Taking advantage of New York City's favorable office leasing market, the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations has renewed its 33,000 s/f lease at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza for an additional term of six years.
Licenses renewed July 2 - 31 will incur a $100 late fee.
renewed its lease for 16,307 SF at 400 Apgar Drive in Somerset.
Nasdaq: VERT), a leading provider of supply management solutions, today announced that two FORTUNE 500(TM) Life Sciences manufacturers have renewed their subscriptions to Verticalnet's on-demand e-Sourcing solutions.
In June of last year, the Riverbay Board renewed Marion Scott's contract for an additional year with only one dissenting vote.
PK: CGKY), announced today that it has renewed its existing contract with the Jockey Club do Campos in the state of Rio for exclusivity of the International Simulcast signal throughout the state.
Lucent Technologies, another long-term tenant, has renewed its lease for 22,045 SF at the same location.