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  • verb

Synonyms for renew

Synonyms for renew

to begin or go on after an interruption

to impart renewed energy and strength to (a person)

to rouse from a state of inactivity or quiescence

to arrange for the extension of


to bring back into existence or use

Synonyms for renew

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You can also renew a permit, or apply for a new one, by writing to City of Cardiff Council Parking Services, PO Box 47, Cardiff, CF11 1QB.
Deady and Principals Amy Elliott and Maureen Eppley, will be joining Renew Financial.
These new initiatives will enhance Renew's recent successes, including another first with client EONE, which involved Renew producing a viral video of a bank heist and car chase filmed in Gresham Street in the heart of the City during the snowstorm earlier in the year.
This will ruin my life and my family's life," he said, adding that it has been one and a half months since he applied to renew his passport.
Failing to renew road tax for three consecutive years turns the money owed into a civil debt, payable at court, and forces drivers to re-register.
Metro's assistant director of customer services Diane Groom said: "Research in other areas has shown that most cardholders are confident and happy to renew their cards online, so Metro has developed this online ordering system to make the process as simple as possible.
CPAs will be required to provide the expiration date of their license when they renew (or apply for) a PTIN this year.
Former Renew manager Chris Hayward is spearheading the new venture, which will employ three other staff and build on the work of its predecessor.
The objective of ReNeW is to provide scientific and technical input to OFES, to help that Office develop a strategic plan for U.
Line-X partnered with DuPont to formulate ReNew with Kevlar, an innovative technology from DuPont that combines high strength with light weight to help improve the performance and protective qualities of Line-X ReNew.
Similarly, when you renew your membership, your name is listed along with your new expiration date and this list is sent monthly to your state regardless of whether you pay a full or half year.
People who liked the investigative journalism (or the first-ever endorsement in a Presidential race) will renew.
The historical loss ratios on renewed business would normally be expected to be better than the loss ratios on non-renewed business because of post-claim underwriting and the reflection of exposure knowledge and management for the risks the insurer chooses to renew.
Congress has only five working days to renew the federal ban on 19 different models of semiautomatic assault weapons.
TAPPI members, here's your chance to renew your TAPPI membership for 2005 and save $5.