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Synonyms for renegotiate

negociate anew


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revise the terms of in order to limit or regain excess profits gained by the contractor

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With mortgage repayments also changing substantially over the past year one in three (32 per cent) solicitors believes it would be reasonable for clients to renegotiate their mortgage to ensure a fair financial divorce settlement.
So, for example, it's illegal for such networks to collectively boycott a health plan, but if they are set up correctly they can be the most effective way for small players to renegotiate contracts with health plans.
There is scope to renegotiate previous planning agreements made under Section 106.
The EU wants to renegotiate the multilateral agreement in order to take into account the massive technological changes that have occurred since its signing in 1996 but the US refuses to do so.
However, moves to renegotiate contracts could be resisted by the processors and Dairy UK.
A DfT spokesman said today: "We do not renegotiate franchises.
While going out of its way to exempt the WTO from its criticism, the News has suggested that it may be necessary for the Bush administration to "tear up the general trade agreement and renegotiate it with states' rights in mind.
To prevent such a situation, a company should consider a sale-leaseback with a long-term (50-60 years) lease, thereby delaying the need to relocate or renegotiate until the asset will likely be obsolete.
In particular would they renegotiate the social chapter to remove rights for workers, including maternity and paternity leave and protections for part-time workers?
Further, while going through the inspections should clear the materials to be accepted by the consumer in China, he adds that mills in China will sometimes file a claim or reject the load as a way to renegotiate a better price.
The contract may now have to renegotiated to take into account the funding cuts, which may effect the institution's library and trigger a break clause to renegotiate the deal downwards.
3 billion, electricity transporter Transener and cement maker Loma Negra, which is relying on help from Argentina's former finance secretary, Daniel Marx, to renegotiate its $430 million debt load.
The Government is moving to renegotiate an increase in gas royalties with BPTT which would dramatically increase state revenues, said Energy Minister Eric Williams, reports Reuters (March 8, 2002).
FOOTBALL League clubs yesterday came under renewed pressure to renegotiate their pounds 315million deal with ITV Digital.
com/research/7fd6e9/why_to_negotiate) has announced the addition of the "Why to Negotiate & Renegotiate Contracts Before the End of the Year as a CEO" audioconference to their offering.