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rising again as to new life and vigor


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Patrick Smith, former vice-president of clinical programs at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and new CEO of Toronto's Renascent treatment centre, is also blunt: "The jury is in.
the Endangered Species Act: A Renascent Assault on Land Use Regulation,
These territories had changed hands many times over the previous six centuries and more recently in 1919-1920 when a renascent, aggressive Poland had seized them from a weakened Soviet Russia.
AN OBSERVANT Jew, Stein used his vast personal wealth to benefit many Jewish organisations and causes and took a keen interest in educational and environmental projects in Israel, shunning publicity for this aspect of his life with the same zeal as he had sought it for a renascent Ladbrokes.
Now the big boys must look over their shoulders at a renascent Peru and Venezuelans who are no longer only interested in baseball.
Renascent corruption and incompetence in the Karzai government erodes the central government's credibility and creates the conditions for a resurgent, though moderate, Taliban.
In France's case they are complicated by the debate over nationality, an arthritic political system, debris from its colonial past, an expanding and more diffuse EU dominated by a renascent Germany, the emergence of a predominantly Anglophone world, and not least, a pervasive sense of depression, the last essentially a consequence of failure to deal effectively with the others, a sense perhaps that the best days are over.
It is to this task--redirection or reconstruction--that the author sets himself, reclaiming Darwinian naturalism and the Hegelian philosophy as resources for a renascent form of pragmatism.
For example, the North East Technology Park (NETpark) at Sedgefield has become one of the fastest-growing science parks in the UK, and various schemes in Newcastle's renascent Ouseburn area, such as the Hoults Yard creative hub and The Media Exchange at Stepney Bank, are attracting increasing numbers of small businesses with their flexibility and community feel.
For it first led them out of the wilderness, and then guided them, from among hundreds of other infants born with the renascent Sun, to the one baby boy who came into this world in a cave, in the Earth Goddess's womb, and in a manger, as Mithras himself did, long ago.
Devanandan: The Gospel and the Hindu Intellectual (CISRS, 1958); Resurgent Hinduism: Review of Modern Movements (CISRS, 1958); Our Task Today: Revision of Evangelistic Concern (CISRS, 1958); The Dravida Kazhagam: A Revolt Against Brahminism (CISRS, 1959); The Gospel and Renascent Hinduism (SCM, 1959); Christian Concern in Hinduism (CISRS, 1961); Christian Issues in Southern Asia (Friendship Press, 1963)
The renascent hydroxyl radicals make (2) and (3) repeatedly occur, which is the so-called zipper type reaction of water molecule removal.
We had raised him to a pinnacle of power and prestige unknown in the Arab World since the beginning of the 18th century, when Mohammed Ali defied the combined pressures of the Ottoman Sultan and of Lord Palmerstone's England to enthrone himself as the independent ruler of renascent Egypt.
NIAID chief Fauci confirms the renascent search for an antibody vaccine, pointing to research by NIAID investigator Peter Kwong (34) and Scripps Research Institute scientist Dennis Burton.