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rising again as to new life and vigor


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Instead, the real challenge to social democracy across the 1970s was articulated by a renascent populist right.
Her appeal to renascent nationalists could outstrip that of President Trump and his tub-thumping populists.
Galvanized by aggressive multiplex construction, Hollywood blockbusters, and a renascent local film industry, the Mexican box office surged 16% last year and 10.
The theoretical models confront the neuroscientific focus of the very new Research Domain Criteria (RDoC)(26,68) with the psycho-socio-anthropological approach of a renascent Narrative Medicine(69).
But all became clear when he described a severe cancer scare and the subsequent course of treatment that caused him to essentially view his life in renascent form.
In what marks renascent India-Iran commercial ties and New Delhi's aggressive focus on overseas energy assets, both countries may finally agree on a deal for the development of the long-languishing Farzad-B gas field in the Persian Gulf by an Indian consortium led by ONGC Videsh (OVL), which helped discover the field in way back in 2008, sources told Financial Express.
Documents contained within show how some envisioned the 1991 Gulf War as a way to ameliorate the long-lasting effects of the Vietnam War, including ticker-tape parades for returning soldiers and a renascent national purpose of Americans.
Built into the system of the prosthetic mechanics of the masculine self, we find the unavoidable presence of feminine nature--variously described in the novel as the earth recovering after its "pains of labor" (16), "swollen with fertility" (94), "demanding to be made fruitful, to reproduce, to disengage the eternal renascent germ of life that stirred and struggled in its loins" (94).
Roberts's renascent doctrine is hitting its jurisprudential stride.
Putin's Russia is not the weak, stumbling sick man of the Yeltsin era; it is a renascent power, but one highly sensitive to the decline of its position in the world, looking for respect, and serious about restoring its regional security.
From her "eloquence fired by her renascent sorrow, her cry of dispossession," Aisha "forms the fountainhead from which transmission will flow" (274):
Lifelong New Yorker and Daily Show host Jon Stewart seized on the renascent rivalry between the Big Apple and the Second City by taking a shot at another Chicago sacred cow–the deep dish pizza.
Alongside him Ed Cowan blocks diligently; then there is Phillip Hughes, humbled in England in 2009 but now remodelled and renascent.
An IMF loan expected to boost the economy has also been delayed as Mubarak's successor Mohamed Morsi battles a renascent opposition movement that resorted to mass rallies in November and December to put pressure on the Islamist leader.
Now analysts note that renascent activity in the US Gulf is a major driver of growth, as is the emergence of new areas all over the world's oceans.