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On imaging, renal lymphangioma appears as a uni- or multilocular cystic mass in the perinephric space and/or in the renal sinus (Figure 2).
21-23) Interestingly, in our series, patients with distant metastases also had a high rate of renal sinus and/or vein involvement: 68%, 92%, and 79% in groups Nx, N0, and N1, respectively.
4 cm) were also present within perinephric and renal sinus connective tissues.
Only in one patient with renal sinus myxoma, enucleation of the tumor was applied.
As rightly pointed out by Aron and colleagues, the lipomatous areas of the AML component may be mistaken for perinephric fat or renal sinus fat invasion in a classical RCC, resulting in upstaging of the tumour.
The patient underwent a radical nephrectomy, which confirmed the diagnosis of high-grade urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract involving the renal pelvis and extending into the renal sinus fat, renal parenchyma, and into perinephric adipose tissue (pT4).
Infiltrating urothelial carcinoma tends to invade the renal sinus fat and renal parenchyma as a soft tissue neoplasm of decreased attenuation compared to that of the normal kidney, usually without a significant change in the renal contour (Figure 8).
Most tumors are small and confined to the renal parenchyma, although rare cases extending into the renal sinus have been described.
CT findings of HIV nephropathy include decreased corticomedullary differentiation, decreased renal sinus fat, and parenchymal heterogeneity.
3) The diagnosis is normally performed with histological examination of the tumour, even if those could be anticipated considering the clinical characteristics of the patient and the radiological signs of a centrally located tumour with an infiltrative growth pattern, and the typical invasion of the renal sinus.