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of or relating to the kidneys


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Most common form is the infantile or nephropathy type form and is characterized by Fanconi syndrome with growth retardation, renal rickets, hypokalemia, polyuria, hypothyroidism and progressive renal failure.
Several studies of infants (15,16) and adults (17) with liver cirrhosis and/or hepatospenomegaly together with Fanconi type renal rickets appeared before our original report was published in 1957.
In the chronic form of HRT, as described in Scandinavia, the patients show the gradual development of liver cirrhosis as well as Fanconi type renal rickets, and often develop hepatocellular carcinoma in their teens.
Clinical assessment by physical exam includes general physical status and overall body assessment by inspection, auscultation, palpation, and percussion, with an intense focus on evidence of growth and developmental delay, anemia, fluid overload or dehydration, and bone abnormalities such as renal rickets (Wong, 1995).
Bone growth, density, and maturation are affected and may be manifested by renal rickets, renal osteodystrophy, and/or a disparity between chronologic and actual bone age.