renal insufficiency

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insufficient excretion of wastes by the kidneys

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Children with a solitary functioning kidney of any etiology have a small increased risk of proteinuria and renal insufficiency in adulthood.[sup.11,12]
In addition to hypertension and renal insufficiency, chronic lead exposure is associated with a number of other potential health effects such as declines in neurocognitive functioning (41) [as signified, for example, by tests of manual dexterity, perceptual-motor speed, and verbal recall (42-45)] and general declines in mood [anger, confusion, depression, fatigue, and tension (46)].
The program was suspended, and an epidemiologic investigation initiated September 22 determined that some trainees had experienced severe dehydration, rhabdomyolysis, and/or acute renal insufficiency. An environmental investigation did not identify any biological agents in the air or water.
Here we present a case with AAV complicated by severe recurrent GI bleeding followed by rapid progressive renal insufficiency pulmonary hemorrhage and pulmonary infection.
Most people with renal insufficiency do fine even on allopurinol, as long as they are started on a low dose that is titrated upward to therapeutic effect, and are monitored for kidney function.
In renal insufficiency, erythropoietin synthesis is inadequate to maintain a red blood cell supply.
Calciphylaxis in moderate renal insufficiency: Changing disease concepts.
Conclusions: SCr along with calculated GFR should be used to assess patients for underlying renal insufficiency undergoing contrast procedures like coronary angioplasty.
In patients with specific vulnerabilities such as advanced age, renal insufficiency, or cognitive impairment, an additional 10%30% dose reduction should be considered, Dr.
Orlando--American adults had a "surprisingly" high, 23% prevalence of chronic renal insufficiency in the late 1990S, according to data collected from nearly 2,000 randomly selected residents of Olmsted County, Minn.
This was achieved through a plan that included education sessions for hemodialysis nurses, 'options classes' for the chronic renal insufficiency patients and a more formalized referral process to identify potential patients.
The health care providers seeing patients in the early stages of renal insufficiency will be key to this initiative's success.
A week before hospitalization, the patient had been discharged from another hospital, where he had been admitted because of pancreatitis and treated for Escherichia coli bacteremia and renal insufficiency. The patient had a peripheral intravenous catheter and a central venous catheter placed during this hospitalization.