renal insufficiency

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insufficient excretion of wastes by the kidneys

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The exception is in special populations such as renal insufficiency, obesity, and pregnancy, where monitoring should be considered (Hirsh & Raschke, 2004).
The effect of renal insufficiency on acute decompensated heart failure patients is significant as these patients tend to retain fluid, which causes stress on both the cardiovascular and renal systems.
9, and 35 or higher), the investigators found no significant differences in the incidence of renal insufficiency (glomerular filtration rate less than 60 mL/min), proteinuria (greater than 150 mg/day), or microalbuminuria (greater than 30 mg/day).
GFR detected Stage 3+ renal insufficiency in more than 10 percent of patients, whereas only 2 percent of 1+ Grade sCr elevates would have been detected using sCr alone.
The investigators reported that they observed substantial renal benefits in patients with advanced (stage 4 chronic) renal insufficiency in a randomized, double-blind controlled trial of benazepril (N.
The FlowMedica Benephit Infusion System could be valuable in treating patients with renal insufficiency who are in need of cardiovascular care," said Dr.
4) WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS A dosage adjustment is recommended in patients with moderate renal insufficiency and in patients with severe renal insufficiency or with ESRD requiring hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.
We were surprised to find increased mortality associated with chronic use of diuretics in both heart failure patients who had renal insufficiency and those with earlier stages of renal disease," said Maria Rosa Costanzo, M.
This is the first TRT registry data set that contains a significant number of patients with renal insufficiency who are at high risk for contrast induced nephropathy (CIN).
The most common complication was postoperative renal insufficiency, which occurred in 21% of the patients and was associated with increased mesenteric ischemia time, left-renal vein division, and renalartery bypass.
Iron replacement therapy plays a major role along with erythropoietin in treating certain types of chronic anemia in patients suffering from end stage renal disease and chronic renal insufficiency as well as many patients receiving chemotherapy.
But in their study of 207 patients with different degrees of renal insufficiency, NT-proBNP was found to be a powerful indicator of ischemic heart disease and left ventricular hypertrophy, independent of the degree of renal dysfunction and of known cardiac risk factors such as advanced age and diabetes, the researchers said (Am.
Lactic acidosis, a serious condition, has been reported rarely, primarily in patients with renal insufficiency.
There is some evidence that renal insufficiency predisposes to potentially life-threatening allopurinol hypersensitivity reactions, he said at the congress, sponsored by the European League Against Rheumatism.