renal disorder

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These variations could be related to methodology, especially with respect to the type and duration of the study, sample size, and variations in the rates of the renal disorders.
Renal disorders caused by sports activities first were reported in 1878, after observing the incidence of proteinuria in soldiers, who had hard physical activities [29].
They were screened to exclude the presence of malnutrition, metabolic diseases, connective tissue diseases, malignancy, anaemia, myocardial ischemia renal disorder and leukemia.
For example, renal disorder will cause an increase in creatinine and urea levels and accumulation of fluids, salt and nitrogen metabolites.
CT imaging studies should be conducted in patients with no prior history of stones and in patients who have an unclear diagnosis, an underlying renal disorder, or are febrile.
They are malar rash, discoid rash, photosensitivity, oral ulcers, arthritis, serositis, renal disorder, neurological disorder, hematological disorder, immune disorder, and antinuclear antibody.
CKD can occur as a result of primary renal disorder or as a complication of multisystem disease.
Lindheimer MD, Grunfeld JP, Davison JM: Renal disorders.
The ex-envoy had been ailing from renal disorders for sometime, family sources told Gulf Times .
Other application expected to support growth include cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, obesity, and renal disorders.
Exclusion criteria included pregnancy and lactation, comorbidity with other acute psychiatric diseases, drug abuse, liver and renal disorders, and use of other drugs for OCD.