renal calculus

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a calculus formed in the kidney

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The commonest indication was the renal calculus disease.
Out of 62 cases of renal calculus, 13 cases were treated surgically in the present study.
X-ray KUB performed when renal calculus disease or emphysematous pyelonephritis were suspected.
Patients presented to the outpatient clinic with clinical features suggestive of renal calculus disease underwent ultrasonography and X-ray KUB as preliminary diagnostic modalities along with a urine routine.
Colon perforation following percutaneous nephrostomy and renal calculus removal.
INTRODUCTION: The development of minimal invasive surgery for the treatment of renal calculus has led to an increase in success rates and, at the same time, has decreased the morbidity associated with these treatments.
A small non-obstructing renal calculus was seen in lower pole of the left kidney not causing hydronephrosis.
INTRODUCTION: Renal calculus (Also known as kidney stones or nephrolithiasis) derived its name from the Latin renes, meaning "kidneys" and calculus meaning "pebble".
Two other patients whohad renal calculus with EPN were managed conservatively with DJ stenting, ESWL was done after they recovered from EPN, 8-12weeks later.