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Synonyms for remunerative

Synonyms for remunerative

affording compensation

Synonyms for remunerative

for which money is paid

producing a sizeable profit

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The government also helps farmers by procuring tamar directly from them at remunerative prices.
Although there has been a significant deterioration in asset quality, this has largely been confined to the remunerative second-charge lending.
Joanne Elizabeth Brennan, 32, of Sanquar Street, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to, between April 2007 and March 2008, and also between May 2008 and July 2008, failing to promptly notify the Department of Work and Pensions in the prescribed manner of a change of circumstances, mainly that she was in remunerative employment, which she knew would affect her entitlement to income support.
Because council services are alleged to be presently underfunded, will the newly Labour-controlled councils press the Coalition Government for a fairer and yet more remunerative system of local taxation to replace the present council tax that was brought in by the Tories?
Or they didn't reap the lucrative rewards of the porn industry and debase themselves in a more financially remunerative way?
In this charming little book Mr Hogwood tells the story of Haydn's visits to England in 1791-2 and 1794-5, visits that were both great successes and highly remunerative for the composer.
It may not be as remunerative as heading a credit union, but the former CEO of an East St.
The bonds will pay established remunerative interest, based on the accumulative variation of 126.
The vision aims to ensure Bahrainis better living standards through energising economy and creating remunerative jobs," Deputy Premier Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa yesterday said.
A disgraced former minister, who despite his behaviour was rewarded with a remunerative sinecure at the EU, is to be elevated to the Lords - a lifetime ambition - as business secretary.
County Meath trainer Tony Martin, a prince among shrewdies, was noted riding out for Mark Wallace and keeping a close eye on an unraced, unnamed son of Xaar who looks just the sort to pop up somewhere at remunerative odds.
But it will be difficult to undermine the solid empirical data he has amassed to show that the problem of economic growth without sustainable and remunerative employment presents a huge challenge for the future.
The latest important data being withheld during clinical investigation of COX-2 inhibitors is only one example of the naughty behavior and remunerative interests of these companies, and not an exception to the rule.
The current remunerative prices have brought back interest (among) the smallholders," Kamarul said.
Altogether, mortgage brokering has become a highly remunerative addition of services that ambitious aim entrepreneurial commercial real estate brokers can offer to their customers.