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receiving or eligible for compensation

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Specialist medical doctors are remunerated at E2 after completing a four-year residency programme in their respective speciality area.
She urged the Coalition to do just that to ensure Australians were properly remunerated for the exploitation of their gas resources.
But it is still PS3m a year and still the most ridiculously remunerated job in football.
In addition, the meeting resolved that the chairman of the board shall be remunerated with a fee of SEK1 400 000 and that each of the other directors elected by the Annual General Meeting not employed by the company, shall be remunerated with a fee of SEK500 000.
The simple fact is that criminal legal aid lawyers are remunerated less than teachers, nurses and police officers.
One of the areas of potential change is the way staff are remunerated.
Remunerated athletes who have settled on an employment agreement
Teachers are also being directed to withdraw co-operation for the new Junior Cycle Framework and not to undertake any duties arising from vacated middlemanagement positions unless they are remunerated for their pensions.
AMs are more than adequately remunerated for their efforts on our behalf; the least they could do is to give the impression that they are interested and involved in the process of governing Wales.
For an industry whose value hangs more on the hugely rewarding intangibles of intellectual property than on measurables, it is extraordinary to have your performance remunerated the same way that an establishment buys its toilet paper.
The Commission found, in particular, that these services are still needed and remunerated at market value; therefore the scheme does not constitute state aid in the meaning of the EU rules.
Optometrists are remunerated by the Welsh Government.
If the future holders are not remunerated in some way, how will this latter prevail?
REGARDING this crazy culture of massive bonuses to top company executives for a job that they are already being well paid for, the question is why should they be rewarded for something that they have been genorously remunerated, with money that the ordinary person could only dream of.
Between 30 June and 14 July, Faes Farma remunerated its shareholders with one new share for every 20 in circulation.