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a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another

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Luckily, the removal firm instructed by the lady who was moving in to my house were able to help as I had to be out that day.
About Spamdexed: Spamdexed is a search engine penalty removal firm.
These expenses included removal firm costs, stamp duty, legal expenses and travel costs.
The council has hired gum removal firm Gum Clear to carry out the work throughout this week.
Do you want to hire a van and do the whole thing yourself, or hire a removal firm to do it for you?
Although no fatalities have been reported so far, the department said there are some life-threatening cases, citing one in which a 32-year-old worker with a removal firm was struck down by the heat after working intensively to meet a deadline.
Prytz, who spent three years at Ibrox, said: "I enjoy working for the removal firm.
According to research carried out by a national removal firm, more people in the region long for home than anyone else in the UK.
Disassemble these ready to be packed into the van for the removal firm or pay extra for the service in advance.
ASBESTOS CONTRACTS Asbestos removal firm Silverdell has announced a number of additional asbestos removal and consultancy contracts.
With a focus on the environment, All-in-One seeks to differentiate their removal firm by being the greenest junk removal company in Fort Myers, Florida area.
We considered a number of alternatives, but there were some big and expensive items so we thought it best to leave it to a professional removal firm.
The court heard Kyriacou had sent a cheque to a tyre removal firm to take away about 75% of the remaining 3,000.