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Synonyms for removable

capable of being removed or taken away or dismissed


able to be obliterated completely


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The vulcanizing machine includes a mold mechanism such as a lower side mold (5) and an upper side mold (25) and the like, which removably accommodate a green tire (4), an agitating mechanism (30), which agitates a heating pressure medium such as nitrogen gas or the like, which vulcanization molds the green tire (4) by heating the green tire (4) while pressing it against the mold mechanism, and an induction heating mechanism (41), which preferentially heats the agitating mechanism.
A bra perspiration absorption and support device, comprising: a bra cup liner adapted to rest within a bra cup and adapted to absorb perspiration, said bra cup liner comprising an absorptive portion and a backside adhesive portion; said backside adhesive portion comprising an adhesive adapted to removably attach said bra cup liner to a bra cup; said absorptive portion adapted to absorb moisture; said absorptive portion comprising a first layer comprising a porous hydrophobic substance, a second layer comprising an absorptive textile material, a third layer comprising an absorptive gel, and a fourth layer comprising a superabsorbent polymer; said absorptive portion comprising a raised central portion adapted to provide vertical support to a wearer's breasts.
A reusable protective undergarment comprising: an outer member conforming to the waist and groin of a wearer; a pocket member removably attached to the outer member; an absorbent pad insertable into and removable from the pocket member; and complementary hook and loop fasteners, arranged on a backside of the pocket member to attach corners of the pocket member to the outer member.