removable disk

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a hard disk that can be removed from the disk drive

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Partner success is fueling last month's ProStor announcement of two significant company milestones - surpassing 200 customers for the ProStor InfiniVault[R] archive storage system and the shipment of over 200 petabytes of RDX[R] removable disk technology.
RDX removable disk technology was developed by ProStor Systems and is licensed to Tandberg Data to manufacture, market and sell worldwide.
According to the company, the Idealstor backup systems are suitable for organisations of all sizes, with systems available with 1 removable drive bay up to 8 and with removable disk capacities of up to 12TB per system.
Evaluator Group will address customer solution profiles and best practices showing how RDX removable disk technology can make data storage more efficient while reducing IT costs," Mr.
InfiniVault is a combination of information management software, online disk, and RDX removable disk that provides complete data protection, continuous data access, security, and retention management throughout the data's extended lifespan.
RDX technology is a new multi-vendor standard in removable disk storage media.
With this proprietary disk drive technology (DataZONE's DataBook) removable disk drives can be architected to the original Winchester technology brilliance (Fig 2).
RDX removable disks are designed for portability and longevity; the rugged RDX cartridges are engineered to be durable so you can safely transport off-site while also providing the shelf life required for archival requirements.
Movie soundtrack recording and producing studio Air Studios has installed Data Express removable disk drive frames and carriers from StorCase Technology Inc, a provider of hard drive products.
ProStor Systems, the leader in enterprise-class removable disk storage systems for business backup, archiving, and long-term data retention and management, today reported significant market growth in 2009 for its flagship product, ProStor InfiniVault.
RDX backup and data retention solutions have captured 90 percent of the removable disk market for business server and workstation backup.
ProStor Systems, the leading developer of removable disk storage systems, today announced that the ProStor InfiniVault[TM] product family is now available on the NASA SEWP/GWAC contract through its partner, Alvarez & Associates.
ProStor Systems, the leading developer of removable disk storage systems, today announced a capacity increase for the market-leading RDX[R] removable disk to 500 GB native capacity.
A recently released IDC Market Analysis report entitled, "Worldwide Removable Hard Disk Drive 2008-2012 Forecast and Analysis: The Quest for a Viable Tape Replacement," reports that removable disk storage solutions, including ProStor Systems' RDX[R]-based storage systems, are gaining appreciable momentum as tape replacement at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) worldwide.
ProAlliance Partner Program Spawns Success for VARs Offering Company's InfiniVault Removable Disk Archive Solution