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a terminal connected to a computer by a data link

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With electrical transmission of impulses, scanning switches driven by synchronous motors can be employed, one at the dispatching station and the other at the remote station.
After an astronaut points the robot in the direction of the target satellite from a remote station, it will navigate its path in space using the same satellite-guided Global Positioning System that American troops used during the Gulf War," explains Robert Cannon, Charles Lee Powell Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
the management and follow-up of the video surveillance 24 hours a day from a remote station with intervention in case of necessity in the relay car parks - reception and customer information with management of p + r ticketing from pc rotonde (command post of all p + r) on certain specific time slots including saturdays from 8:30 to 20:30 .
He's driving while asking questions, operating the lights, getting directions from his staff from a remote station, and making sure that everyone is having fun-all at the same time.
Events and data can be stored at the local and remote station to add a second level of data integrity.
Since the WideArray does not require manual recalibration, operators can electronically adjust the guide point anywhere within the detection range through the use of an easy-to-mount remote station.
The system includes the recorder, software that connects the package to the user's PC, and a 16-channel remote station that provides 16 configurable inputs, three digital inputs, and two alarm-relay outputs.
Stafford's system-development team decided to take out the relays and put a programmable logic controller (PLC) at each remote station.
348 In Camp Zama (Cz) Including Remote Station Panelboards (Rsps) In Cz Sagamihara Family Housing Area (Sfha) And Sagami General D
Built during World War II, the remote station was rumoured to have kept the Admiralty in contact with Royal Navy ships around the world and to have ordered the sinking of the Bismarck, the pride of the German navy.
ISG's Underwriters Laboratory Listings included Bank Safe & Vault, National Industrial Security Systems; Mercantile, Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Services; Protective Signaling Services; Local, Auxiliary; Remote Station and Proprietary and Residential Alarm Systems.
THE remote station made famous in cult film Trainspotting is getting a pounds 400,000 facelift.
In addition to a Wake-ON-LAN functionality, an optional boot ROM is available to allow booting a remote station automatically from a server, making hard or floppy disks unnecessary.
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