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defendant's remorselessness, (14) a question on which the United
His lack of empathy for his victims and remorselessness over the crimes he committed continued right up until he stood up and confirmed his guilty pleas this year, with his conscience emerging after he had been backed into a corner by the sheer weight of evidence against him.
By calling attention to her remorselessness, other perpetrators' ruthlessness despite their masters' kindness, and their ready access to poison and Obeah, Lewis wanted to show that Minetta's case was not an isolated threat to white families' safety, but an index of the enormity of Obeah's danger to planter power.
16) Philippe Pinel, a French psychiatrist, introduced the idea of psychopathy, "us[ing] the term insanity without delirium to describe a pattern of behavior marked by utter remorselessness and a complete lack of restraint, a pattern he considered distinct from the ordinary 'evil that men do.
According to jail officials, the inmates were enraged over Ram's remorselessness.
Accidents happen, but never such accident that is solely due to people's remorselessness.
He writes that in the delta after the 1910s, the elimination of the traditional practice of the remission of rent by the landlords and the remorselessness with which they claimed it, due to demographic pressure and the growth of absentee landownership, distressed tenants.
Therefore, when the members of the Suicide Squad are arrested and sentenced to die by hanging, it is easy for Yekini, himself a peasant, to identify with that cause, that revolutionary conviction shown in their defiant remorselessness that Yekini could not mistake because it is unique and enduring.
selfishness, deficiencies in interpersonal affect, remorselessness, superficial charm, exploitation) and secondary form (antisocial lifestyle and behaviors).
But the remorselessness of Khartoum's conduct of its genocide by attrition ensures that whatever the disposition of the present case, UNAMID's days in Darfur are numbered.
Interestingly, Nowak does not even mention Giedion, yet the basic ingredients are here: a magisterial overview of the remorselessness of technology combined with a thoughtful assessment of the economic consequences.
21) That risk takes the shape of false confessions, a reduced ability to persuasively show mitigating factors, an inaccurate but prejudicial appearance of remorselessness, the risk that jurors will view mental retardation as an aggravating factor of future dangerousness rather than a mitigating one, and the inability to effectively assist counsel and appeal to a jury.
Adventure, as a name for the logic of romance, appears in the Knight's Tale only as an index of the remorselessness with which the tale undertakes its tragic negations.
He taught that while alcoholics were not necessarily atavistic, they shared the same characteristics as born criminals (deliquente nato): cruelty: cruelty, impulsiveness, laziness, and remorselessness.
He will expect his rivals to match his ruthlessness, respond to his remorselessness.