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a feeling of regret for one's sins or misdeeds

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Highlighted below are a few factors that make it more difficult to accurately assess remorsefulness in court.
Damon also weighed in on Louis CK's apology and said that he should be forgiven based on his remorsefulness. The actor also said that he doesn't think CK would do what he did again.
Remorsefulness from this kind of keen self-examination, compounded by helplessness, guilt, and confusion in the face of personal misfortune, fuels a harrowing elegy in Gabriel.
Conceptually, the callousness subscale taps into absent of guilty, remorsefulness, or not apologizing for wrong doing to self or others, the uncaring subscale taps into not being concern about the welfare or feeling of others and the unemotional subscale taps into not showing or expressing or letting out one's emotion.
"The court is impressed by your sincerity, remorsefulness and willingness to accept responsibility for your conduct," Midtown Community Court Judge Felicia Menin told Casquejo on September 3.
to them, his longing to taste Samoan food again, and his remorsefulness
(236) Prior juror studies demonstrate that the three most important factors in death penalty deliberation are (1) the gravity or "vileness of the crime," (2) the defendant's "future dangerousness," and (3) the defendant's remorsefulness. (237) Considering these factors in light of the unique characteristics of the psychopathic defendant, (238) it would initially seem that genotyping evidence would have a detrimental impact on the defendant or would have no net effect on the deliberation process.
(92) Judges were bound to apply the minimum sentence without considering a defendant's background, circumstances, state of mind, or remorsefulness. (93) However, if a defendant provided "'substantial assistance' in prosecuting another offender," he was exempt from the strict minimum sentence.
The remorsefulness doesn't really take away from the nature of the offence.