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in a rueful manner

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Some people are sanctimoniously pointing out what Olusegun Obasanjo said about Atiku in written form and in speeches, but they conveniently leave out what transpired when Atiku came visiting and remorsefully and repentantly acknowledged his mistakes of the past from which he admitted he had learned a lot of lessons.
'At this point, my married life started to suffer, my husband started to throw tantrums so I selfishly sent my uncle off to live with my brother in Pindi,' she said, remorsefully.
Difficult cases arise when others act remorsefully and give one reasons to forgive and yet continue to reject one's forgiveness.
However, some children may think it as unfair and an unjust punishment and yet others remorsefully think it as a consequence of having done a wrong thing and rightfully deserves the whacking.
In fact, almost responding to an unasked question (is judiciary trampling on the alleged supremacy of Parliament?), the honorable Court observes that 'while exercising powers of judicial review, the judiciary claims no supremacy over other organs and that it is a duty assigned to the Courts to see that the Constitution prevails.' Almost remorsefully, the honorable Court clarifies that 'when political forces, instead of settling disputes at the political forums, particularly the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) resort to the Courts, it has consequences not only for the institutions but the litigant public as well.
(98) A former hacktivist friend purported to out himself in a series of tweets in which he remorsefully stated that he had "helped [the FBI] MURDER him," (99) though the veracity of this claim cannot be verified.
The man then fervently and remorsefully begged for my forgiveness, saying the matter had troubled him for many years.
Faustus realizes that the possibility of a family reunion in the hereafter is rendered impossible as the son and the angelic mother, now "damned as a suicide" are remorsefully separated (Mamet, 2004: 89); and the perjured Faustus has to decide either to enter heaven or hell.
THE killer of 12-year-old Tia Sharp has penned a string of self-pitying rants from jail, complaining he is lonely and "remorsefully sorry".
The killer of 12-year-oldTia Sharphas penned a string of self-pitying rants from jail, complaining he is lonely and "remorsefully sorry".
The first day following their first encounter and deciding to become BFF, best friends forever, Bunny remorsefully divulges that she has lost her family.
For fifty years after World War II, scholars, Presidential administrations, and Congresses condemned the Japanese Internment more emphatically and remorsefully than any other injustice in American history.
The name of the king who remorsefully took to Buddhist tenets after a bloody war in Kalinga is unsuitable for a road that takes you to the national headquarters of the BJP.