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in a rueful manner

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The worst thing about it, she says, remorsefully, is that "it was my family's birthdays that came up.
Gagliano candidly and remorsefully tells the reader how the lure of easy money seduced him into illicit behavior.
Taking the witness stand on the seventh day of his child sex trial, the sacked footballer remorsefully admitted sending "inappropriate" and "flirtatious" messages to the teenager while his girlfriend, Stacey Flounders, cared for their newborn baby daughter.
God replies angrily at first, but later He replies somewhat remorsefully in order to create a relationship among us based this time in the willingness to repent for our own, and also to forgive the other's, wrongdoings.
Victor Frankenstein created the monster and later remorsefully asks, "Who shall conceive the horrors of my secret toil as I dabble among the unhallowed damps of the grave .
Psychic counterpart to the two material daggers used to murder Duncan, this third dagger returns remorselessly and, it will be argued, remorsefully to the scene of the crime.
20) Early twentieth-century avatars of the traditional passing narrative regularly combine sentimental championing of negritude with moralizing homily, to culminate in a denouement of tragic self-realization as the "selfish" passer comes to see the error of his or her ways--or as Harlemite James Weldon Johnson's "ex-colored man" remorsefully concludes in his fictional autobiography, "I have sold my birthright for a mess of pottage.
After increasing council tax remorsefully year on year, one may wonder why Labour has suddenly seen the light.
When nothing else worked, the truth was admitted and apologies were remorsefully made.
Daphne, trying desperately to rebuff the arrogant Apollo, turns herself into a laurel tree, whereupon he remorsefully pledges to water it forever with his tears.
The authors remorsefully stated that not more than six cities in the nation recognized the difference between a statement of cash inflows and outflows and a statement of revenues and expenses.
Both things he remorsefully admitted, but never in a million years made him a child rapist.
Based on the premise that Japan must remorsefully face its past offenses and must never justify the offenses, I intended to argue that other nations in the world must not attempt to conclude the matter by blaming only Japan and by associating Japan alone with the simple phrase of 'sex slaves' or 'sex slavery,'" he said in the statement.
I tried to help her, but I was afraid to take her to the hospital because that would have jeopardised the doctor who I promised confidentiality," she says remorsefully.
After choosing wealth and popular fame, he fiercely regretted the theatrical destruction of his medical career and remorsefully declared, "I think that was a bad thing I did.