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marine fishes with a flattened elongated body and a sucking disk on the head for attaching to large fish or moving objects

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"I wonder about the economics of the costs of encoding (and decoding) each subscriber's stream in order to individually watermark OTT media on a per-subscriber basis," says The Remora. "If per-OTT-subscriber watermarking is achieved and combined with fast consequences applied consistently, that would seem to provide a real deterrent for first-world pirates and hackers."
Although many of the settlers of Blue tried to leave the things of the Whorl behind them, they found, in the words of Patera Remora, who has been attempting to maintain the religion of Mainframe in the city of New Viron without much success, "We carried them with us." (6) New Viron has become a violent and lawless place, whose denizens lack morality and restraint, and have become practically ungovernable.
Remora introduces the '2 in 1" Clip/ No Clip Holster.
Another interesting design is the Remora, which gets its name from the fish that uses a sucker disk in its mouth to attach itself to the belly of a shark.
Mob boss Jerry Remora has decided that it's time for his ex-wife, Lucy Remora, to go preferably before she can testify against him in a federal racketeering trial.
The Victor is also agile and much of it is credited to the TVS Remora tyres that offer enough grip and confidence to carry speeds into flowing corners.
He's the ultimate Gary Stu character: a billionaire beholden to no one and able to abuse every disingenuous and pettifogging remora latched headfirst on the nation and sucking upward.
No doubt the gecko folks are thoroughly enjoying their nature-assisted triumph, but "Not so fast!" say the advocates of the sandcastle worm, the remora and spiders.
An extra remora fish on the side of the front shark 6.
I spent a couple of days carrying the VP9 in a hybrid IWB holster cut for the P30 by Remora, in which it fit perfectly.
Extending forward from the frame, it doesn't really compromise the gun's concealment footprint, but will require a special holster or something like the Remora holster.
GALLEGO, Juana (2013): De reinas a ciudadanas: Medios de comunicacion, ?motor o remora para la igualdad?.