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(of a disease) characterized by periods of diminished severity

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Among the depressed patients, only 34% reported adherence at 12 months, compared with 66% in the nondepressed group and 47% in the remittent group.
Clinical signs of disseminated disease include persistent, irregular, or remittent fever, hepatosplenomegaly (weight loss and abdominal pain), pancytopenia (lethargy), darkening of the skin, diarrhea, and lymphadenopathy.
The initial diagnosis of the burn extension made by the remittent clinician was compared with the ones made by experience clinicians at the emergency room and by the plastic surgeon at the Burn Unit.
Maria was a student nurse at the old East Glamorgan Hospital and hoped to become a midwife, but she was struck by remittent, relapsing multiple sclerosis.
In this regard, the House and Senate reports in explaining the application of section 864(c)(2) state "[t]hus, for example, are the assets held for future, or remittent, use in the business?
Adherence--defined as the percentage of days that the correct dose of aspirin was taken--was 67% for the persistently depressed group, compared with 86% for the remittent depressed and 87% for the nondepressed patients.
Second only to the losses posted by dysentery, post-war statistical analysis compiled by the Federals revealed there were 1,315,955 cases of "Intermittent and remittent fevers (malaria)" resulting in 10,063 deaths in the Northern army (43).
tu munera supplex tende petens pacem, et facilis venerare Napaeas; namque dabunt veniam votis, irasque remittent.
Remittent fever is usual, sometimes as high as 104[degrees]F; the fever terminates after one to six weeks (Chin, 2000).
You can access prior-day and same-day balance information, make electronic payments, view lockbox remittent detail (including imaging of envelopes and any correspondence), and on the payable side control disbursement and see imaging," Morgan says.
The letters are vivid and detailed, particularly those written while he was a 'supercargo', the man at the coal face of the labour trade, and give artless descriptions of his life of loneliness, threats, casual violence and remittent fever.