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Synonyms for remissness

the state or quality of being negligent

Synonyms for remissness

the quality of being lax and neglectful

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He did not like to own that he had not as yet been to his parents' and his dear sister Anne--a remissness for which I am sure every well- regulated person will blame the Major.
Content with the momentary examination he had made, the eldest of the group, who was in truth the delinquent sentinel by whose remissness the wily Mahtoree had so well profited, turned towards his father and said bluntly--
He had had all the heart to leave his son a beggar, but proud even of his health and strength, had put off the act till it was too late, and now might gnash his teeth in the other world, at the thought of the wealth his remissness had left him.
Is this owing to the generosity of him in whose possession it is found, or to the remissness of the officers of justice?
The ECHR decision outlines Polyviou's findings which say "the president bore the greatest responsibility for the inadequacy, negligence and remissness that had been shown, and had failed to take care of or at least take basic measures to ensure the security of the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, and in particular that of the soldiers and firemen in question.
There can be no excuse for such remissness over the last 60 years because it was in the early 1950s that the UK built the world's first civil atomic power station in Cumbria.
In essence, while hard power will continue to remain critical to exerting influence in international politics, the remissness of soft power can undermine or limit a state's influence over international outcomes.
The recurring themes are the failure of Muslim religious leaders to take effective measures to combat the radicalisation of young Muslims and to condemn, unambiguously, the atrocities committed by al-Quaeda and IS and it its followers, the remissness of the richest oil kingdom on earth, Saudi Arabia, to be more proactive in the fight against terrorism and the kingdom's appalling human rights record.
The ministers then discussed interpellation motions lodged by MPs against His Highness the Prime Minister over housing, rising land prices and corruption, and the ministers of health, planning and development over remissness and negligence, he added.
New York, Muharram 05, 1435, November 08, 2013, SPA -- Kuwait fully understands the position taken by Saudi Arabia regarding membership in the UN Security Council and shares Saudi dismay over the Council's remissness in taking up its responsibilities vis-@-vis Arab and Islamic issues and causes, said a Kuwaiti official here.
This perception was confirmed when 40% of employees considered some instrument related issues as frequent instrument failure and the remissness of maintenance department among things that they dislike while answering the open ended question.
If the ordinary arts of policy, or rather, if a growing indifference to objects of a public nature, should prevail, and, under any free constitution, put an end to those disputes of party, and silence that noise of dissension, which generally accompany the exercise of freedom, we may venture to prognosticate corruption to the national manners, as well as remissness to the national spirit.
Furthermore, the narrator hears about the episode from Doc Fischer and Doctor Wilcox, shifting the focus of the story from the boy to the physicians and their attempts to reconcile their professional remissness.
I can Assure Your Honours I have ye Mates or Boatswains duty as well as the Masters (I think ye Simile will bear) I at first thought his Remissness and Inactivity to proceed from a Sullenness on Acc[oun]tt of my being advanced to a place he might think himself better Qualified for, but I have been convinced since it is meerly Lazy Habit or Nwt [Northwest] Disposition.
In the year of contretemps, even this venerable paper was not safe: a few concluding comments on "slovenliness" in Canadian English, reported or misreported in the press--"The Canadian's Remissness in the Use of 'Shall' and 'Will'" according to the Globe's headline [3 January 1889, 8]--generated angry retorts and necessitated some published clarification by Wilson, in an article published in The Canada Educational Monthly in the spring ("English at junior Matriculation").