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Synonyms for remission

Synonyms for remission

the act or process of becoming less active or intense

the act or an instance of forgiving

Synonyms for remission

an abatement in intensity or degree (as in the manifestations of a disease)

a payment of money sent to a person in another place

(law) the act of remitting (especially the referral of a law case to another court)

the act of absolving or remitting

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The team found that diabetes remission was closely linked with weight loss, with almost nine out of 10 people (86 percent) who lost 15 kilograms or more putting their type 2 diabetes into remission.
The Corrections Amendment (Prisoner Remission) Bill 2017 has today been tabled in Parliament that will end this outdated practice and remove remissions for prisoners, in line with community expectations.
Achieving remission not only has health benefits, but also produces a strong sense of personal achievement and empowerment, removes stigma, and may even reduce insurance premiums.
In April, Doherty announced to her thousands of followers on Instagram that she is finally on remission after battling breast cancer for two years.
Although use of "remission" in the context of our article might seem to defy logic, our use of the term is predicated on the Consensus Criteria for remission, which allows for mild symptoms of core schizophrenia psychopathology.
The President granted 90-day remission to the prisoners, convicted for life imprisonment.
Sharif also advised for total remission to male prisoners who are 65 years of age or above and have undergone at least one-third of their substantive sentence except those involved in culpable homicide, and in terrorist acts.
If you are otherwise on low income but not receiving any of the relevant benefits, you may still qualify for a fee remission.
Radical remission survivors listen to the voices in their heads that whisper, 'Your job is killing you,' 'Move your body,' or, 'Look for other options,'" she writes.
Remission of 90 days would be granted to prisoners convicted for life imprisonment; 45 days to all convicts; total remission to male prisoners of 65 years of age or above and female prisoners of 60 years and above.
At baseline and after 3-4 months of treatment, patients completed the experimental Remission From Depression Questionnaire (RDQ) and the commonly used Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (QIDS).
Cohen of Metroplex Clinical Research Center, Dallas, cited several "prebiologic era" studies, including one 1996 randomized controlled trial of 285 patients who stopped nonbiologic disease-modifying antirheumatic drug therapy after achieving the "quite stringent" 1981 ACR/ARA remission definitions for 1 year.
The prevalence of and predictive factors for sustained remission in early rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are not well understood, "particularly in the context of new stringent definitions,'" said Dr.
Jolin, 3, of Ware, who is in remission from kidney cancer.