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Synonyms for reminisce



Synonyms for reminisce

to renew an image or thought in the mind

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recall the past

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As he reminisced about Old Boston, the heritage landmark is being decimated slowly, brick by brick.
Beyond the obligatory bedroom shot and perhaps a glance at the hallway outside the rooms, little was shown of the rooms in which residents slept, perhaps read books, or reminisced in private.
They reminisced about their experiences as deans and each introduced two hymns that were personally important to them and were then performed by the cathedral choir.
Following the Board's recognition of her service, Debbie Giesey reminisced, as follows:
Fifteen years later, after selling out their shares of those businesses to partners, the three got together over beers and reminisced. "When the talk turned to collaborating again, we asked, 'Do we want to do another company?'" Lapierre recalls.
In later years, George often reminisced about how he persuaded his mother to spend $4 for his first scout uniform: a Canadian Mountie-style hat, a shirt, breeches, and leggings.
Three of the original founders of Pioneer -- Owen Newlin, Sid Cassedy and Wayne Skidmore -- reminisced about the early days of the company.
He always reminisced about Jaffa, the pearl of the Mediterranean, and his own birthplace.
He moved to New York City in 1981 after the success of An Evening With Quentin Crisp, the show in which he reminisced and dispensed commentary worthy of Oscar Wilde on modern life.