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serving to bring to mind

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Moreover, we can also see that the effect of mass media is more pronounced before the stable state of the adopters than after the stable state; this indicates that the enterprise should take persuasive advertisement strategy to tell consumers why to choose a particular brand; after adopters tend to stable states, namely, once the brand is popularized, the enterprise should take remindful advertisement to frequently remind consumer to have such a product, and it is useful to save advertising cost.
The atmosphere in those first heady days following the 'victory of the rose' was remindful, all things being equal, of that which prevailed in Havana in the early years of the Cuban revolution."
Mildly remindful of Mike Leigh's High Hopes, this comedy is cheerfully staged in the manner of a ricky Gervais tv show.
11 era, we are each called to that pursuit - remindful, there are other paths to peace.
His statement was remindful of the earlier deportation of the Channel 4 News' team, Nick Paton Walsh, producer Bessie Du and cameraman Matt Jasper from Sri Lanka on 10 May 2009, alleging that they were arrested for false reporting on the civil war and subsequently deported.
They are too remindful of the late sorrow, and we would for our own taste discourage their publication." (7) Having vanquished the Confederate insurgency on the battlefield, Union veterans were confounded as they were "thrust aside as of no consequence whatsoever" by northern civilians "nourish[ing] the same spirit of rebellion into life again," and "pander[ing] to the late rebels." (8) In 1867, one Pennsylvania veteran looked forward to a day when "the surviving veterans of the war against treason and rebellion" would be "held in higher esteem than at the present." (9)
Remindful of the "trainwreck" term used lately to describe the National Marine Fisheries Service, the wreckfish is a big fish that lives deep, for the sole benefit, it is decreed, of the commercial industry.
Figure 1: Pseudoantonyms with the prefix RE-: MINDFUL ~ REMINDFUL MOVE ~ REMOVE PINE ~ REPINE SEARCH ~ RESEARCH SOUND ~ RESOUND SOLVE ~ RESOLVE VIEW ~ REVIEW The word pairs in Figure 1 are pseudoantonyms because the unprefixed verbal base has a meaning which is either identical or very similar to the meaning of the corresponding word with RE-.
A case quite remindful of the ultra-spoilt Miss Paris Hilton.
Our collective unconscious is that of a sailor, retired, remindful, nostalgic.
Thus the life of this world for the heedless is nothing but play and pastime, (122) but Muslims are commanded to transcend that situation by being remindful of the fact that the world is the seedbed of the Hereafter (al-dunya mazra'at al-akhirah).
The Comptroller General also was in a remindful mood this past year, stressing the importance of evaluating all proposals fairly and in an unbiased manner.
Rapturous joy was remindful of religious euphoria, as in Pentecostal women of the 1930s.
The preceding crime is remindful of roadside bombers because in both cases it does not matter for the perpetrator who is killed in the vehicles as long as someone of a resented class of people is killed, whether an automobile owner or an infidel.