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Synonyms for reminder

Synonyms for reminder

something that causes one to remember

Synonyms for reminder

a message that helps you remember something

an experience that causes you to remember something

someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided

References in classic literature ?
Thus he commented on his new feat, but it was also a reminder to me, a trifle cruel, that he was not my boy.
Grimy sailors came down out of the foretop placidly announcing themselves as "a handful of private citizens of America, traveling simply for recreation and unostentatiously," etc.; the coal passers moved to their duties in the profound depths of the ship, explaining the blackness of their faces and their uncouthness of dress, with the reminder that they were "a handful of private citizens, traveling simply for recreation," etc., and when the cry rang through the vessel at midnight: "EIGHT BELLS!--LARBOARD WATCH, TURN OUT!" the larboard watch came gaping and stretching out of their den, with the everlasting formula: "Aye-aye, sir!
It was in any case over MY life, MY past, and MY friends alone that we could take anything like our ease--a state of affairs that led them sometimes without the least pertinence to break out into sociable reminders. I was invited--with no visible connection--to repeat afresh Goody Gosling's celebrated mot or to confirm the details already supplied as to the cleverness of the vicarage pony.
Riach's business, and he now begged me for a dram with such instancy and such reminders of his former kindness, that at last I handed him a pannikin with about a gill of brandy.
And so we went gadding along, dropping in here and there, pricing things, and gossiping with the shop- keepers about the riot, and now and then running across pathetic reminders of it, in the persons of shunned and tearful and houseless remnants of families whose homes had been taken from them and their parents butchered or hanged.
In view of all these surprises and reminders, and of his son's composed and masterful demeanour, there began to creep on Mr.
Users can set reminders to repeat, check a history of reminders, or even create a reminder with voice or text and set it to show up at a certain time or to pop up when the receiver is at a certain location.
Datuk Seri Najib Razak denied taking a selfie from his seat in the dock during his SRC trial but such reports still prompted the High Court judge to issue a general reminder that photography during court proceedings bordered on contempt.
As part of the dozen update, Alexa can now provide one with a location-specific reminder.
However, the results suggested that a medication reminder app improved disease severity, as well as patient adherence rates in the short term, and that "there is potential for implementing patient-supporting apps in the dermatology clinic."
Before UCLA Health implemented its electronic reminder system, physicians treated only three percent of cases with ciprofloxacin.
Those laws, along with police checks, public education campaigns, and seat-belt reminder systems, have helped increase use of seat belts in all seats, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.
Location-based reminders are perhaps as important as Any.DO Moment.They let users set a reminder when adding a task, and the reminders can be scheduled upon arrival or departure from a location.