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Synonyms for reminder

Synonyms for reminder

something that causes one to remember

Synonyms for reminder

a message that helps you remember something

an experience that causes you to remember something

someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided

References in classic literature ?
Thus he commented on his new feat, but it was also a reminder to me, a trifle cruel, that he was not my boy.
As Michael started out of the room on the end of a rope, a plaintive call of reminder came from the window-sill, where perched a tiny, snow-white cockatoo.
Please be so good as to appoint my nephew Night Chaplain and Reminder of Mothers and Sisters.
Had them by me when the bank failed, and I had 'em framed and hung up, partly as a reminder not to put your trust in banks, and partly to give me a real luxurious, millionairy feeling.
This timely reminder effectually stopped the conversation.
Some must have the flowering crocus, the wood-starring dogwood, the voice of bluebird--even so gross a reminder as the farewell handshake of the retiring buckwheat and oyster before they can welcome the Lady in Green to their dull bosoms.
It was this sharp reminder from my beloved perfume, of the lady in black, which made me go to her --dressed wholly in white and so pale--so pale and so beautiful
Only Lucille, who knew him best of all those there, saw him wince for a moment before this reminder of his great failure.
Then, catching hold of the bridle, he gave his jaw a sharp wrench, by way of gentle reminder that he was not his own master; and by these means turned him round.
Having given her this back-handed reminder of her mutinous observations to the skeleton, Mr Lammle rose from table--perhaps, the better to conceal a smile, and a white dint or two about his nose--and took a turn on the carpet and came to the hearthrug.
A reminder, Fred, for to-night--a small party of twenty, making two hundred light fantastic toes in all, supposing every lady and gentleman to have the proper complement.
But they were all men who had given up and been counted out, while Jurgis was still in the fight, and had reminders of decency about him.
In view of all these surprises and reminders, and of his son's composed and masterful demeanour, there began to creep on Mr.
He told her that the man was employed by himself and others who were working with him in that district, to paint these reminders that no means might be left untried which might move the hearts of a wicked generation.
During her wanderings in search of the River Iss, that time she had set out upon what, for countless ages, had been the last, long pilgrimage of Martians, toward the Valley Dor, where lies the Lost Sea of Korus, she had encountered several of these sad reminders of the greatness and the glory of ancient Barsoom.