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the act of militarizing again

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Some observers postulate a remilitarization of the Arctic and the occurrence of "armed clashes" in the region sooner rather than later.
This is David Welch: "The Olympic Games were held in Berlin only a few months after the uncontested remilitarization of the Rhineland ...
Most importantly, the scheme would "incur for us the enmity of powerful international oil interests." (55) Finally, Hitler had little incentive to goad the British, so soon after the remilitarization of the Rhineland.
It reveals the remilitarization of university science and the redistribution of warfare across not only the social but also the biological milieu as 'life itself' and more-than-human collaboratives become sites of strategic engagement (Dillon and Reid, 2009; Foucault, 1990).
In both places, remilitarization came at the behest of the United States, though both countries acquiesced.
This bargain has broken down: With the gradual expansion of the scope and domain of Japan's military activities abroad - spurred in part by the rise of Chinese military - since the end of the Cold War, the Chinese are no longer convinced that the US-Japanese alliance restrains Japan, but see it rather as facilitating Japanese remilitarization. In turn, the Chinese government has politicized the history issue with Japan and hardened its stance on maritime territorial disputes.
seems to underestimate regional concerns over Japan's potential remilitarization. By providing Japan with a diplomatic carte blanche, the U.S.
Tokyo and Beijing have long been at odds over islands in the East China Sea, and Beijing has argued that a reinterpretation of Japan's pacifist constitution could open the door to remilitarization of a country it considers insufficiently penitent for its actions in World War II.
The fear of remilitarization gave rise to Panamanian reluctance to participate in any type of military effort to counter narcotrafficking.
Nor should it focus on sculpting the alliance in a way that alleviates Chinese concerns about Japanese remilitarization. Instead, it should rely primarily on deterrence to keep China from threatening Japanese security by reinforcing allied commitments to mutual defense, improving joint operational capabilities, and developing contingency plans for dealing with Chinese assertiveness in the East China Sea.
Upon the remilitarization of the PKK after ending its five-year unilateral ceasefire in June 2004, the military pushed the AK Party to take a harsher stance on terrorism, resulting in the establishment of a new anti-terror law in fall 2006.
The essential prerequisite for increase in the Armed Forces capabilities and their interoperability with allied armies is modification or remilitarization of the main types of ground, air and radar technology.
"It's the remilitarization of Guatemala as a patriotic project."
The Wick book describes how Shirer, from 1934, was on hand in Germany to witness or report on the major events of the unfolding of the major German policies and activities of the 1930s, including persecution of the Jews (some of which he described in The Rise and Fall), the international propaganda victory of the German Olympics, the remilitarization of the Rhineland, the seizure of the Sudetenland, the Anschluss with Austria, the eventual seizure of Czechoslovakia, Kristallnacht, and the invasion of Poland, Each of these events is viewed through Shirer's reports, memoirs, letters, and other memorabilia and is described in his book.