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militarize anew

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That argument, while often advanced by well-meaning people, is as limited as the belief in the Thirties that, by allowing Germany to remilitarise the Rhineland or take over the Sudetenland, we would satisfy Nazi ambitions
Consequently, he set out to remilitarise the Spanish aristocracy by `drafting' them into important projects of social reform in early modern Spain.
Several times the counsellors of Philip III advocated a return to the courtly jousts and tourneys of old as a way to remilitarise the aristocracy.
This ancient prerogative had fallen into disuse in the sixteenth century with the advent of regular armies, but the king and his chief minister decided to revive this archaic tool, much like Don Quixote dusted off his grandfather's armour, and used it to remilitarise the nobility.
At a time when loyalist weapons, both guns and bombs, are being frequently turned on their nationalist neighbours, when plastic bullets continue to be used by the RUC, and when the British State has seen fit to remilitarise in many areas, it remains a source of considerable frustration for many nationalists and republicans that the focus remains exclusively on IRA weapons that are silent, and are part of a cessation now into its seventh year.
If it were to remilitarise in a big way, China, Russia, and South Korea would probably form a coalition against Japan, tensions would heighten, and conflict would become almost inevitable.