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It makes sense People find different ways of remembering things by using their senses.
Remembering is part and parcel of our lives: remember to pay your TV licence, remember which floor of the multi-storey you parked your car, remember to put your lights on.
According to them, brain is in a constant struggle between learning new experiences and remembering old experience.
Everyone sees different things in the music and has different ways of remembering them.
Follow them both to the letter, remembering these tips:
When trainers connect two dissimilar items together through the use of a metaphor, analogy, or simile, the brain has a hook or connection for remembering the new information.
We are urging readers to back the appeal by remembering their loved ones in a book of remembrance that stands at the foot of the tree in Queens Arcade.
It is quite probable that some bilinguals may have been more adept at verbally stating their memory strategies than others, due to heterogeneity of prior socialization, making it unlikely to identify what and how each participant was remembering internally and/or externally, further illustrating the dynamic role of language(s) with respect to bilingual memory.
Their conclusion hinges on study participants remembering verifiable information related to the wartime events, such as the time of day that the radio announced liberation.
I tried to explain about how remembering him was like naming a river--a hill, the street you grew up on, folks you laughed with--just so that you know you came from somewhere.
In remembering John, I recall one of those Dodson quotes he used in an article he wrote for the Translog, which I thought a fitting tribute as his spirit continues on its journey, yet in another form:
It's our choice; remembering that success and failure of life are based on our choices.
She succeeds in remembering, in a calm and settled way, the pictures of our lives.