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Synonyms for remedy

Synonyms for remedy

an agent used to restore health

something that corrects or counteracts

to rectify (an undesirable or unhealthy condition)


to make right what is wrong

Synonyms for remedy

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Also integral to the remedy selection process is SARA's incorporation, with some modifications, of the Superfund program's existing State involvement and community relations processes.
We'll cover first aid as something to "get your feet wet." There are a few remedies here that are used for specific things, and are almost always the correct remedy for sprains, strains, splinters or injuries.
What: Maximize the value of your Remedy installations with SharePoint 2010 integration
Wyethia Helenioides (Poison Weed): An excellent remedy in pharyngitis of North Carolina with his wife and three children.
Although a declaratory judgment action does provide an opportunity to challenge a tax before payment, it is not clear that it provides an adequate remedy consistent with due process requirements.
It is reasonable that a man who denies the legality of a tax should have a clear and certain remedy .
You can visit Remedy Health at:
Producers believe the "spiritual force" that was in the wall is carried in the remedy, said Edzard Ernst, emeritus professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University.
This acquisition makes Remedy a health media company to house multiple chronic condition verticals that offer versions for both consumers and professionals.
Musculoskeletal treatment company OsteoRemedies LLC reported on Thursday the availability of the REMEDY SPECTRUM GV Hip Spacer System and SPECTRUM GV Bone Cement with immediate effect.
Austin, TX, April 05, 2018 --( JF2 Capital Partners (JF2), a Dallas-based venture capital firm, announces today it has made an early-stage equity investment in Remedy Applications, LLC.
And over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold remedy manufacturers benefit from that fact, according to global market research firm Mintel.
The most successful brand of the company is Endiaron (diarrhoeal remedy) which was the leading brand of digestive remedies, accounting for 10% value share in 2015.
* Every person is an individual, and needs individual remedies based on the symptoms (each person with a virus, bacteria, headache, cold, flu, etc., will probably need a different remedy).