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capable of being remedied or redressed


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The definitions of the crisis of Western culture have ranged from being the result of forces beyond human control to being the remediable failure of human beings to create a properly modern self-definition.
Spring and Ravdin (1992) suggested that the failure to apply cognitive rehabilitation to psychopathological disorders was due to the beliefs that psychotropic medications alone were adequate treatment, that cognitive deficits were epiphenomena(1) of no functional importance, and that they were not remediable. During the past 10 years, however, increasing numbers of workers have joined the effort to apply cognitive rehabilitation to psychiatric populations, and recently there has been a spate of interest in integrating this modality into the psychiatric rehabilitation process (Bellack, Mueser, Morrison, Tierney, & Podell, 1990; Green, 1993; Stuve et al., 1991).
Indeed, she praises "this fusion of the incorrigible and inexplicable with the socially determined and remediable" (p.
The economic, moral, and ecological weaknesses of capitalism reflect a process which, compared to that collapse, is more long-term and less remediable. The only remedies available to capitalism are the reforms like civil rights laws that it coopts from working-class and progressive struggles; but capitalism is always careful to keep these remedies within limits dictated by its own basic interests.
"It is behaviour, which is not easily remediable and is very serious."
Contrary to previous years, when deaths were prevalent due to the unavailability of drugs and modalities to cure this dreaded disease, it is now remediable with the advances made in the medical treatment.
The burning of solid waste instead of proper treatment and disposal in another remediable cause.
Commenting on the case, chair of the FTP committee said: "Although the registrant's deficiencies were remediable, he had failed to attempt remediation or show any insight, despite having been given two years to do so.
This provides a near real-time view of service delivery quality around the country, allowing rapid detection of remediable problems such as the iron shortages described above.
(6) On the contrary, in adult-onset epilepsia partialis continua, the disorder maybe self-limiting [Trauma, stroke], remediable [Cortical dysplasia, AV malformation] or progressive (e.g, tumor, carcinomatous meningitis); the outcome is determined by the primary disease.
Ryan Agoncillo on what he and wife Judy Ann Santos usually argue about: "Minsan kulang ako sa pasensiya." (That's totally remediable.)
"Putting right the huge and remediable differences in health between and within countries is a matter of social justice." However, the situation was unlikely to improve with a projected registered nurse shortfall nearly 20 per cent below requirements by 2020.
Chronic cough resulting from drug use, such as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, and remediable conditions such as infections, and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), usually resolves once treated.
(47) A Kansas court explained that "a peremptory challenge is simply a procedural vehicle for vindication of a defendant's right to an impartial jury." (48) A Pennsylvania appellate court similarly concluded that the failure to properly follow court rules regarding peremptory strike procedure was not "per se prejudicial," refusing to order a new trial because the aggrieved party did not claim that "the jury, as seated, was unfair or unqualified." (49) A dissenting judge agreed that the error was not per se prejudicial, but argued that the court should have found "remediable harm," lest the court's ruling "render a right provided to criminal defendants by Pennsylvania law a 'mere abstraction.'" (50) In Hayes, the Florida Supreme Court reasoned:
A previous panel was of the view that Garside's failings were remediable and hence it imposed a conditions of practice order, it is of concern that Garside failed to comply with that order.