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marry, not for the first time

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In filing the bill, Cayetano noted that under the Family Code, a Filipino citizen who is divorced by the foreign spouse may only remarry if the foreign spouse is allowed to remarry.
He further said that he will personally insist Imran Khan to remarry her first wife.
Statistics show that more men are punished for refusing to divorce their wives than are granted permission to remarry despite the wife's refusal to divorce.
It turns out that there are some circumstances that might justify a dispensation to remarry The article mentions them:
The only way such Catholics can remarry is if they receive an annulment, a religious ruling that their first marriage never existed because of the lack of certain pre-requisites such as psychological maturity or free will.
I'm glad that widows will now be able to remarry without the fear or financial difficulty.
All spouses and civil partners who are beneficiaries will be able to remarry without losing the pensions from April 1 - when a new scheme is introduced.
War widows who remarry after the death of their husbands will no longer lose their pensions.
Jewish law, for example, forbids a man to remarry a woman he has previously divorced; such a relationship is termed an "abomination" in Deuteronomy.
Under the law, I am allowed to remarry," he said noting that there are previous Supreme Court rulings similar to his case.
THE lives of half- widows of Kashmir are set to change for the better, with a group of prominent religious scholars on Thursday issuing guidelines stating that such women can remarry after four years of disappearance of their husbands.
Friends even believe they could remarry after the Queen invited Fergie to visit her at Balmoral Castle earlier this month.
Close pal of the couple have even claimed that the couple could remarry after the Queen recently invited Ferguson to visit her at Balmoral Castle, the Mirror reported.
net, Sabah's niece Claudia Aqil, who has been accompanied Sabah for several years, denied the rumor and said that her aunt did not remarry and expressed her disappointment with the online media for publishing such lies without confirmation from the singer or her close contact.
After explaining the negative effects of divorce, the pair decided to remarry.