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the act of marrying again

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There is a dearth of research on sexuality, dating and remarriage in old age (Bulcroft and Bulcroft 1985; McElhany 1992; Steitz and Walker 1990).
In the Telegu speaking areas of Madras, reformers relied on vernacular journalism to campaign on widow remarriage, in sharp contrast to Tamil speaking areas where reformist campaigns were moderate and dependent on English.
121(d)(2), if the surviving, spouse sells the property prior to any remarriage and the deceased spouse satisfied the age and ownership/use tests, the surviving spouse can make a Sec.
For instance, the WES reports a number of characteristics of a woman and her family that might affect her remarriage rate, and these are shown in table 1.
4), the comments of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan about the media coverage of the synod reveal how far he and perhaps many other bishops are from understanding Catholics who have felt the spiritual and emotional pain and rejection of the church, society and often themselves and their families because of sexual orientation or divorce and remarriage.
Washington, May 31 ( ANI ): Lisa Niemi has revealed that she dreamed about Patrick Swayze about a month before her remarriage.
News of a German bishop's suggestion that the church's teaching on receiving communion after divorce and remarriage needs further reflection drew wide comment.
Shenouda told a lecture in Alexandria on Sunday that the church would continue to not issue remarriage permits, except for cases where divorce was because of adultery, state news agency MENA reported.
THE DELHI High Court has ruled that remarriage can't deprive a person from compensation for the death of a spouse.
This uplifting book, written from a child's perspective, addresses the topic of remarriage to children.
Seventeen chapters address such topics as love in relationships; same-sex couples; mate selection; family planning and contraception; and remarriage and step-families.
Without getting into the issue of the virgin birth, which I do not take literally but do take metaphorically, I wonder what Brown does with the problem of divorce and remarriage which Matthew and Mark report Jesus spoke against but which our church allows.
Presenting testimony both from children affected by divorce or remarriage, and from experts on how best to help children deal with grief or anger, and how to make the adjustments to a new way of living.
Husband and wife team Barry and Emily McCarthy view divorce and remarriage with optimism, showing it to be a courageous choice that should not be viewed as personal failure but rather as a positive step toward a better life.