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Synonyms for remarkably

in a manner or to a degree that is unusual

Synonyms for remarkably

to a remarkable degree or extent

in a signal manner

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"Iran's non-oil exports to Turkey during past three months of current Iranian year [started March 21, 2019] have increased remarkably. Iran's non-oil exports to Turkey include machinery, nuts and iron wares," he added.
| Blaenau Ffestiniog musician Gai Toms looks remarkably like wrestler Orig Williams during the launch of his new album Orig
The Krays' notoriety has endure, from the eponymous starring Spandau Ballet's Gary and Kemp to the 2015 movie Legend, Hardy remarkably portraying both the Krays' notoriety has continued to endure, from the eponymous 1990 film starring Spandau Ballet's Gary and Martin Kemp to the 2015 movie Legend, with Tom Hardy remarkably portraying both twins in the film.
The story he's telling here is remarkably focused and controlled, and there's a sense of urgency in the writing that manages to be both personal and remarkably balanced," said a review published in
Celia Belt's Remarkably Intact is just such a story.
Anna Ruffino said that security situation in Karachi has improved remarkably, Italian investors are taking interest in energy, tourism, technical assistance and other sectors.
Judge Tony Briggs said: "It is a quite remarkably frank interview, the courts do not normally see."
Remarkably successful people don't compromise on their standards.
Remarkably, though it is more than 100 years old, it has only had three owners.
Remarkably Renee, as the newest sponsor for “Yes” is helping launch the campaign “Gonna BEAT This Thing,” designing something special as a line of remarkably punk, “Hope” jewelry.
21 UP: NEW GENERATION (BBC1, Monday, 10.35pm) THE "Up" series started in 1964, with Seven Up!, a remarkably forward-thinking documentary which featured a group of seven-year-olds, and revisited them every seven years with the latest instalment, 56 Up, airing in 2012.
Whether the band is calling itself The Grand Slambovians or Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, the listener is in store for a brand of rock that's both remarkably straightforward and informed by the folk tradition.
The purpose here is to illustrate our frequent point that prices have been remarkably stable for the last two years.
"The number of foreign investors interested in making investment in Iran has increased during the recent years, but some of them have certain obstacles for money transition and once the obstacles are removed FDI made in Iran will increase remarkably," Ghasemi added.