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Synonyms for remark

Synonyms for remark

to state facts, opinions, or explanations

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

the act of noting, observing, or taking into account

an expression of fact or opinion

Synonyms for remark

References in classic literature ?
The Dormouse shook its head impatiently, and said, without opening its eyes, `Of course, of course; just what I was going to remark myself.
But they were IN the well,' Alice said to the Dormouse, not choosing to notice this last remark.
You should learn not to make personal remarks,' Alice said with some severity; `it's very rude.
The remarks made in a former number, which have been alluded to in another part of this paper, will apply with conclusive force against the admission of the House of Representatives to a share in the formation of treaties.
to give him an opportunity or making some of his severe remarks and moral reflections, and to undo what we had so much trouble in effecting?
It is certain that a vague and indistinct desire to please the handsome officer animated them all, that his splendid uniform was the target of all their coquetries, and that from the moment he presented himself, there existed among them a secret, suppressed rivalry, which they hardly acknowledged even to themselves, but which broke forth, none the less, every instant, in their gestures and remarks.
Prince Andrew, who had evidently wished to tone down the awkwardness of Pierre's remarks, rose and made a sign to his wife that it was time to go.
However, this conversation is going on a little too fast: let's go back to the last remark but one.
The piece I'm going to repeat,' he went on without noticing her remark,' was written entirely for your amusement.
One can walk round it," said Golenishtchev, unmistakably betraying by this remark that he did not approve of the meaning and idea of the figure.
One thing might be said, if you will allow me to make the remark.
Sherlock Holmes chuckled to himself, and appeared to be about to make some remark, when Lestrade, who had been in the front room while we were holding this conversation in the hall, reappeared upon the scene, rubbing his hands in a pompous and self-satisfied manner.
The drive to the theatre was a short one, and conversation consisted only of a few disjointed remarks.
We have some evidence of this gradation of habit; for, as Schiodte remarks, 'animals not far remote from ordinary forms, prepare the transition from light to darkness.
If you are alluding," he replied, "to the personal remarks I was emboldened to make on my way here, I can only say that they were excused by their truthfulness.