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creation that is created again or anew


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But, as Yiman Wang expounds in her intellectually rigorous Remaking Chinese Cinema: Through the Prism of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Hollywood, previous works on cross-Pacific film remaking are inevitably circumscribed by the dichotomies of center/periphery, original/imitation, and dominance/subordination.
We are in the information age and yet so many levels of our public and private sector's are without the crucial information they need to move forward in a positive way," said Remaking America Now, Executive Director, William Neece.
The completion of Waterfront Corporate Center III will mark the culmination of the remaking of Hoboken's waterfront," commented Peter Eppie, executive vice president of SJP Properties.
Remaking the world is probably not your regular mealtime conversation, but it may be the most important conversation you will ever have (with or without a meal).
WHAT is this Hollywood obsession with remaking classic movies all about?
New Worlds for All: Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America.
Although Druxman's recognition of "unacknowledged" remakes introduces a number of methodological difficulties, he funkier grounds his discussion by viewing Hollywood remaking practice as a function of industry pragmatism, driven by three major factors.
A die-hard fan of the "Super Mario 64" game that was launched alongside the Nintendo 64 is remaking the 3D action-adventure platformer in order for it to run in Unreal Engine 4.
Consultation Paper 255 Remaking ASIC class orders on financial services disclosure (CP 255) outlines the class orders proposed to be remade and our rationale for remaking them.
She has been urging him to cast her in the Hindi sequel to Wanted , which he is remaking for Boney Kapoor and Salman Khan.
Director of drama Laura Mackie says: "We would never say never to remaking an iconic show from the past, such as Sapphire & Steel.
This fall, MGM is going to try another version of "Red Dawn," remaking its 1984 movie, which was a remake of "Lord of the Flies.
THE remake of that movie gem, Alfie, was pathetic, the remade Italian Job a travesty and now they're said to be remaking The Birds.
One is, people have been remaking movies since the movie business started: 'A Star Is Born,' 'Pygmalion,' 'Maltese Falcon,' the list goes on and on.