remain firm

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hold one's ground

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BEIRUT: The Lebanese Forces and Kataeb Party remain firm allies, the leaders of both Christian groups said Thursday, dismissing rumors of a rift between the two.
Was it not for the high popular sentiment, Syria would not have been able to remain firm and frustrate the externally-plotted schemes against it," Assad told the dignitaries who took part in the reconciliation efforts in various areas.
International trade activity remains robust, consumer spending should remain firm and labor market growth is expected to remain stable, said Mark Schniepp, director of the California Economic Forecast Project.
We expect to see hams featured but negotiations are proving difficult as canners fear raw material costs will remain firm," said one importer.
Natural rubber prices are expected to remain firm in the near to medium term on the strong sentiment prevailing in the market following solid cooperation among the world's three main producers.
Contract the torso musculature (especially the core area of the abdominals and lower back) and remain firm throughout the entire movement.
Bishop Buckle said, "I remain firm in my offer of episcopal oversight with jurisdiction to the parishes that form the ACiNW and those parishes in the diocese .
LPG prices are expected to remain firm relative to crude oil prices but may become increasingly volatile.
but we remain firm that any settlement, in order to last, has to be balanced, it has to be fair", adding: "Are we supposed to put pressure on Pres.
While many scientists remain firm proponents of telomerase inhibition as an anticancer strategy, Huber Warner of the National Institute on Aging in Bethesda, Md.
Prices of ethylene, the other key ingredient in PVC, also remain firm.
Campbell describes his book as the story of "ten places of transcendent natural beauty, where life's bouquet is still redolent and life's signatures on the face of the land remain firm, at least for now.
Although the proposed merger slowed growth this past year, we are looking to the future with renewed determination and remain firm in our vision to provide service to our community.
Overall market conditions remain favorable for North American chemical producers, and even though profitability for the industry may not be as high as 2006, Fitch expects most supply/demand balances to remain firm, allowing producers to experience healthy margins in 2007.
1 Prices offered shall remain firm against any increase for one ycar|s) from the effective date of this Agreement.