remain down

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be counted out

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There will always be ups and downs, but if they remain down for a period of weeks without reason, parents should think about finding help Janey Downshire of Teenagers Translated
I approached the typing centres at the Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Dubai at an early hour in the morning, but was notified that the system shall remain down all day.
She's clearly determined to remain down to earth in her appeal and personality.
but remain down 78 percent from their January 2006 peak.
Stocks in the US remain down marginally, while crude is down nearly two percent on a rise in weekly gasoline stockpiles earlier in the week.
England remain down in the series with two matches to play, but Strauss believes the tourists can still claim victory.
The level crossing will be closed for the duration of the works and the barriers will remain down.
The TX760B stabilizer legs feature lock-out valves in the circuit so they remain down during operation, providing better stability when operators are working 90 degrees of the side of the machine.
But its car sales, including Premier Automotive Group members in the West Midlands, Land Rover and Jaguar and its Swedish brand Volvo, remain down a total of 10.
com, up 43%, is the only company in positive territory for the year, while Apogent and Fisher, the two largest companies by market capitalization, remain down 2% for the year.
The company's net premiums written also remain down, falling 5.
They hoped the DC6000 would remain down for the count and keep off the beach.
Flood damage to a network computer interrupted the medical school's E-mail and Internet access, which could remain down for another 3 to 4 weeks, notes biochemist Barry Milavetz.
The plaque is down and it will remain down unless or until it is approved by the director.
4% and, while total revenue is now in line with issuance levels, NCF is likely to remain down from issuance due to sustained increases in real estate taxes, utilities, and several other expenses.