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have confidence or faith in

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grantor organization may rely on a qualified affidavit that the foreign grantee has prepared for one or more other grantors, which means that it may prepare one affidavit on which all its U.
Instead of fostering independence, as I had hoped, my reminders encouraged many students to rely on me even more, first for the weekly emails and second for immediate personal attention.
As a result, Internal Network Defense technology should never rely on one detection methodology to determine if the traffic in question constitutes an attack.
Although all health plan medical directors surveyed strive to use quality evidence to guide decision making, there was little consistency with respect to the sources they rely on, what constitutes "quality" evidence, how current the evidence is and what internal processes are used to be sure the evidence is up to date.
14) As Assistant Treasury Secretary Pamela Olson explained when the penalty regulations were proposed, "taxpayers who choose to hide their transactions from the IRS will lose their ability to rely on a tax opinion as a penalty defense.
Unfortunately, both of these statements allow auditors to continue ignoring internal controls by choosing not to rely on them.
They were told that the preliminary budget was appropriate unless the manager was willing to rely on work already completed by the client's internal auditors.
Should we rely on accounting returns - ROA, ROI, ROE, ROS, and profit margin?
Other agencies rely on DLA to manage almost $1 trillion worth of contracts.
amp; FORT WORTH, Texas -- Rely Energy, LLC and THG Energy & Technology Solutions, LLC, based in Tulsa and Fort Worth, respectively, today announced the two companies are combining to provide an even broader array of advanced energy management solutions to commercial and industrial customers throughout the region.
Under this doctrine, the Division can be estopped from retroactively changing a rule when the (1) taxpayer had a right to rely on the Division's representation; (2) taxpayer relied on the representation; and (3) reliance had a detrimental effect on the taxpayer.
World-class finance organizations rely on both of these approaches, which help them spend 31 percent less than their peers on finance, operate with nearly half the staff and complete their financial reporting cycle more quickly each month.
Many disaster recovery plans also rely on the central office or company headquarters to perform backups on a routine, predefined schedule (typically once a day).
Whenever offices must rely on each other to provide information or to move a process to the next step, natural tensions emerge.