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have confidence or faith in

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grantor organization may rely on a qualified affidavit that the foreign grantee has prepared for one or more other grantors, which means that it may prepare one affidavit on which all its U.S.
"Carriers rely heavily on cell phones and PDAs to assist with claims processes and to download information from remote sites.
Despite this robust infrastructure, or perhaps because of it, my students still expect the spontaneous reinforcement and information exchange that they have learned to rely on in the physical classroom.
Adherents of creationism would have us rely on religion where evolution cannot explain the mysteries of the universe.
* Some who work in large health plans rely primarily upon internal clinical policy bulletins and technology evaluation centers.
By faithfully relying on security devices that (a) protect the network perimeter and (b) rely on signature-based technology, the hackers have now devised attacks to take advantage of this paradigm.
The advice literature of intimacy depicts couples who communicate their feelings to one another, rely on one another as confidants, and self-consciously work to preserve their relationship.
Steloy Castings, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa, acquired Rely Metpro, Boksburg, South Africa, in March, giving the merged companies 70% of the stainless steel casting market in South Africa, according to Business Day, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Yes, during the winter we in the cooler Pacific Northwest tend to rely on imported produce to bridge the gap when we are unable to grow things locally.
We are uncertain whether a "limited scope" opinion on reportable transaction issues discussed by the taxpayer with outside advisers will ever satisfy the requirement that the opinion identify "all relevant facts" or not "unreasonably rely on representations of the taxpayer." In nearly all cases involving routine tax advice for a reportable transaction, the taxpayer will be the source of the adviser's information for the facts and issues to be addressed.
We rely on host communities to partner with us to showcase the best among us and to welcome and entertain delegates from around the region.
Major companies rely on the mails; charities, environmental groups, consumer organizations and religious congregations all rely on the mails."
The blind mole rat (Spalax ehrenbergi), native to eastern Mediterranean regions, can't rely on the sun.
Justice O'Connor predicted that, "over time, we will rely increasingly--or take notice at least increasingly--on international and foreign law in resolving domestic issues." Doing so, she speculated, "may not only enrich our own country's decisions, I think it may create that all important good impression." More likely, it would further de-Constitutionalize High Court decisions while advancing the collectivist new world order that Justice O'Connor appears to embrace.