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  • verb

Synonyms for relocate

move house


Synonyms for relocate

to change one's residence or place of business, for example

Words related to relocate

become established in a new location

Related Words

move or establish in a new location

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1) a petition to relocate the child's residence if an action concerning the child is not pending with the court but is to be filed contemporaneously with the notice of intent to relocate, or a supplemental petition to relocate the child's residence if an action concerning the child is not pending with the court, but there is an existing judgment or decree concerning the child's residence or time-sharing schedule;
PC Tech leased 3,500 s/f and will relocate there from Jersey City, N.
Trends and Comparisons survey, 66 percent of women and 81 percent of men typically accept an offer to permanently relocate within the U.
the new Moet Hennessy USA plans to relocate from Two Park Avenue in Midtown.
The site selection follows Andrew's agreement, announced in August, to sell its long-time Orland Park property and relocate to two separate Chicago area facilities for its corporate headquarters and cable products manufacturing.
Consolidates text on reporting of improper business practices to the appropriate authorities; updates a contract clause addressing prohibitions on persons convicted of fraud or other defense contract-related felonies; and relocates to PGI, procedures for referring matters to the agency debarring and suspending official.
Three of the following changes relocate text to the new DFARS companion resource, Procedures, Guidance, and Information (PGI), available at <http://www.
In an effort to downsize and consolidate its labyrinthine Manhattan real estate portfolio--which is scattered in over 70 different locations throughout the city--Verizon is selling the majority of 1095 Avenue of the Americas, its current headquarters, and will relocate major portions of its offices and switch operations downtown to 140 West Street.
While city and school officials put final touches on a proposal to relocate 468 people to make room for the Edison-Pacific Park and School project, some residents say they're not happy about the move.
Situated in a New York State Empire Zone, firms that expand in or relocate to the Brooklyn Navy Yard are already eligible for substantial New York State tax benefits.
The new ordinance would encourage developers to relocate older trees - either within the project or on city property such as parks, street parkways or medians - rather than simply chopping them down and planting new ones.
If necessary, BBB will relocate Buckner Children's Village residents to Camp Buckner in Marble Falls, TX.
A mountain lion approached two teen-agers near Chatsworth Reservoir recently and was spotted nearby six other times, but wildlife officials said Friday they won't try to capture and relocate the cat until they believe it poses a danger.
For verification and ranking, the nominated towns are compared against education, crime, employment and housing data for the past year by Relocate America's Editorial Team and the Top 100 is then selected.
Postal Service to relocate the city's main station to High Street to spur downtown revitalization has been unsuccessful, so the city is now fighting for it to be moved even a little bit closer to the city's historic core.