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load anew


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place a new load on

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Many tell me they don't really like to reload and only do it to save money, it does seem to me that some of the worst offenders are people who would rather be watching the nonsense on TV instead of working with precision crafted tools.
And from my point of view, I'd prefer some reloads that run up at least 7,000 psi so that chamber pressures are adequate for uniform combustion.
I reload for a variety of calibers, including the .25 ACP.
You've found out you can reload a case until they start to split or show other signs of going bad like primers getting loose, big dents and such things.
If you shoot the same amount of reloads as you have been doing with factory ammo, money will be saved.
Many police departments had pistol teams, which used reloads, and many more used reloads for training.
Another subject where I think we may be teaching something only for the sake of tradition is the Tactical Reload. Also known as a "Reload with Retention," it requires the shooter to remove a partially loaded magazine from the magazine well and replace it with el fully loaded magazine without dropping either on the ground or otherwise losing control of them.
Tactical reloads in IDPA are part of the rules, like touching the bases in baseball or not roughing the passer in football.
Voigt's reloads were amazing, consistently under .80 of a second, and that's with both shots hitting the A-zone, not just making a noise.
The major reason that speed reloads have been taken to amazing levels--sub-one-second reloads!--by top competitors is that the speed reload is built on a "monkey" movement of bringing the hands together.
Note: All "tactical reloads" for the revolver are more dexterity intensive and fumble-prone than tactical reloads for auto pistols.
Of the hundreds of thousands of rounds fired each year at the Bianchi Cup, almost all are reloads. As for entertainment, how is your time better spent: sitting in front of the television watching yet another predictable sitcom or in the loading room crafting ammunition?