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load anew


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place a new load on

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The ministerial order comes a day after Lim warned the country's telecommunications companies that he would intervene if they did not immediately stop charging the six per cent service tax on prepaid card reloads.
This is applicable when the card is reloaded with a minimum 1,000 units of USD, AUD, SGD, CAD, CHF or 750 units of EUR and GBP.
Ventspils Naftas Terminals (VNT) reloaded 681,000 tons or 161.000 tons less than in January last year.
* Only system that provides uniform closed staple height for exceptional staple line integrity now across a range of tissue thicknesses with each reload
InComm's vice president and general manager of Financial Services Jeff Lewis said, "The integration of Visa ReadyLink with Walmart's Rapid Reload delivers on InComm's vision to expand the swipe reload technology and streamline the customer experience at the register, simplify the sales process for employees and increase retail foot traffic."
Reload Consulting's Incident Response Team is highly qualified and capable of addressing issues from the trigger point until complete closure with postmortem analysis, a statement said.
Titan Poker, an online poker company, has announced its new Reload Promotion offer.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 5, 2011-Sicap launches in-store reload kiosk for Swisscom subscribers(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The curved tip reload is the first and only surgical stapling device that features a curved tip for improved maneuverability around hard-to-reach tissues and vessels.
Reno (California, US), Feb.1 (ANI): A key aide of former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has confirmed that the latter did use two controversial phrases - "Don't retreat, reload" and "Don't retreat, stand tall" - during a recent speech here.
A feature of the patented PD44 valve is the balanced inlet/outlet spool assemblies that do not displace material while shifting from the reload to the dispense position.
You will need a separate Lee Loader for each cartridge you intend to reload. You can obtain more information at Ron, Nebraska
(AERT), Springdale, Ark., a leader in composite building materials technology, has announced the opening of a new warehouse and reload facility adjacent to its Lowell, Ark., plastics recycling plant.
Q, I lost my CD key code to Windows XP and I have to reload the operating system, which I can't do without the code.
rank for 2003 * U.S./Canada X2 86 3 The Matrix Reload 92 +7% 1 France X2 8 3 The Matrix Reload 12 +47% 2 Germany Exchange rates: X2 7 2 $1 = 0.85 [euro] The Matrix Reload 14 +99% 1 $1 = 0.61 [pounds sterling] Spain X2 3 4 (in millions of $) The Matrix Reload 7 +127% 1 U.K.