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Synonyms for reliving

a recurrence of a prior experience

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It was a bit emotional reading through it, reliving 16 of the happiest years of my lifeJulie Hesmondhalgh
He said that he had to tell the truth which he didn't earlier and reliving over a decade later was hard.
It is available in local bookshops, includes, press cuttings, memoirs and photographs reliving the tragedy and its aftermath.
As previously mentioned, reliving Tiger's moments at the Masters is a fun feature.
In an interesting way, Reliving Golgotha outlines the evolution of this European Christian practice that over time is objectified and transported to the Americas through the embodiment of the Christian practice of flagellation, which served as a public marker for religious observances and conversions.
A prison in the Nazi camps during the war, Frankl's development of logotherapy--a form of psychotherapy encouraging patients to look to the future rather than reliving traumas of the past--was to serve as a key to recovery and finding meaning in lives destroyed during the war.
The text suggests ways of reliving Edison's scientific explorations; e.
They found that reliving or re-imagining changed the client's view of reality concerning the grieving and therefore, the guided imagery part of the treatment was essential (Melges & DeMaso, 1980).
They spent yesterday at home watching their holiday video and news bulletins, and reliving their dramatic escape.
This technique focuses on reliving the trauma through imagination, addressing distorted beliefs about the trauma, and learning ways to relax.
Reliving the memories of her life really brought us close together.
But at the Hay Festival he picked up his guitar and relived his teenage years by singing the ditty about unrequited love and adolescent angst, reliving the longing to touch the beautiful Mary to a rapt audience.
It sounded like he was reliving every moment from the night before.
Readers travel the globe through Allegra's pen--tasting, digesting and reliving the intricate nuances of West African jazz and hip-hop dance.
Bosie," as he was known to friends, spent the rest of his litigious life reliving his betrayal of Wilde in a series of costly courtroom feuds with others.