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experience again, often in the imagination


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The two stars thanked fans for their support and relived a few iconic moments from the film.
MEMORIES: Harry Bibring (centre) relived his harrowing life story for 200 Year 7 pupils and told them how he escaped the Nazi horrors, right
"It was a difficult process to go through, to relive a lot of those things we relived to present the best evidence basically that we could give to the inquiry but, also, I absolutely felt that my story paled in comparison to a lot of other stories that I've heard of ordinary people, of ordinary families, of victims of crime, and I think it would be doing the biggest injustice to them, really, after having this long inquiry of which public money has gone into which is very important."
Summary: Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba has relived the moment he "died" in front of thousands of stunned football fans.
He relived the case of Valvona and Iredale who filmed their abuse of a girl within their care at a hostel on Cambridge Road in 1991.
While working on this book , I relived many old memories.
NONAGRAM: alive' aver' avid' DAREDEVIL' deliver' delve' delved' delver' derive' derived' deva' devil' diva' dive' dived' diver' drive' drivel' elver' evade' evaded' evader' ever' evil' lave' laver' leave' leaved' leaver' lever' levied' live' lived' liver' rave' raved' ravel' reave' reive' relive' relived' reveal' revel' revile' reviled' rival' rive' rived' vale' valid' varied' veal' veer' veil' veiled' velar' veld' vial' vide' vied' vile' viral.
For me, it will always be his first Gold Cup success, but whatever your own favourite memory, rest assured it can be relived in this new DVD devoted to the triple Gold Cup hero, because every one of his races - with the exception of his final race at Exeter - is shown from start to finish on the second disc of this two-disc set.
In an exclusive interview from his cell in Varna where he awaits trial for attempted murder, the Liverpool student fought back tears as he relived the nightmare of the past month.
A NUNEATON family today relived the moment their dream Christmas break turned to terror as a killer tidal wave hit their holiday hotel.
For the children and grandchildren of the American soldiers who fought in Vietnam, Edwards' photographs and stories of solders will help family members understand something of the suffering of these men and the enormous need for healing, often a lengthy process, filled with relived pain.
But at the Hay Festival he picked up his guitar and relived his teenage years by singing the ditty about unrequited love and adolescent angst, reliving the longing to touch the beautiful Mary to a rapt audience.
Neil added that it was quite a passionate night and he thought it was hilarious when he heard how Oliver had relived every steamy moment.
The exodus, for example, is very much relived in the way that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph take refuge in and then come out of Egypt.
Circus keeper Nigel Wesson last night relived the terror of watching a Chipperfield tiger eat his arm.