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provide with a new lining

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put new lines on

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Pre Qualification: Relining and repairing of 10 nos of electrolytic cell tanks of emd plant, dongri buzurg mine
Now Reuters is reporting that the Indian steel giant is planning to invest in relining blast furnace number five.
Other services offered out of the Westerly location will include chimney sweep services, NFPA Level I, Level II, and Level III chimney safety inspections, chimney relining, historical masonry restoration and historical building foundation restoration.
Pre-qualification documents for the renewal of linings for the pots can be obtained from the Qatalum website under the title 'Invitation to Pre-qualification for Pot Relining Service Contract 2013-2019'.
Christensen FT: Relining techniques for complete dentures.
This remarkable colour photograph was taken 25 years ago inside one of the vessels they were relining and fortunately Steve, who also appears in the photograph, can remember the names of his work mates.
County government clients requiring host of metal tools for sewer pipe relining.
Let us save you money by relining, rebuilding, and retrofitting your furnace with modern controls and technology.
In Smith, the Ninth Circuit analyzed the deductibility of the taxpayer's costs of relining the walls of aluminum-producing cells used in the aluminum smelting process.
The Norwegian energy and materials group Norsk Hydro ASA said on Wednesday (21 January) that its aluminium business Hydro Aluminium had awarded a NOK170m aluminium reduction cell relining contract to Hydro Production Partner Refractory Work, an independent business unit within Hydro Business Partner.
Work crews are relining portions of the city's aging sewage system as part of a major capital improvement project, officials said Thursday.
Operations such as chemical pulping and bleaching, relining of chemical pulps, fiber separation, development of fibrillation in mechanical pulping, and dislodging ink particles and other foreign material flora recycled fibers typically do not contribute just a single beneficial change to the cell wall structure.
Delray Beach, FL, is expected to save General Aluminum Manufacturing and Metalloy, Conneaut, OH, more than $2 million in costs associated with relining its furnaces.
The project would require relining the 8,800 ft of pipeline, 2,474 ft of which is elevated 20 to 25 ft off the ground.