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provide with a new lining

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put new lines on

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- Denture repairs while you wait - Relines - Soft linings - Chrome Dentures - Free Consultation Ring for your free Mr.
They offer an expert, NEW DENTURE manufacture, reline, repair and maintenance service directly to the public.
* system backup capability shall be provided for extended periods of furnace relines.
Two identical furnaces were chosen instead of one large furnace to provide backup capability during major furnace relines.
The furnaces were operated 4.5 and 5 months after this incident to their normal scheduled reline time.
Ultimately, the wear of the refractory controls the amount of tonnage throughput and the need to shut down the vessel for reline. The refractory presentations helped to emphasize the practical refractory theory as well as new refractory developments in the coreless induction, channel induction and the automatic pouring sectors.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) drafted an ergonomic standard that failed last year] are forcing foundry managers to consider alternative methods to manual relines of coreless induction furnaces.
Working Conditions--Because of unattractive working conditions, supervisors experienced difficulty finding workers willing to perform relines, resulting in a high rate of refusal for voluntary overtime.