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Synonyms for religiousness

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for religiousness

piety by virtue of being devout

the quality of being extremely conscientious

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The American thinker remarked, what I call "Religiousness C" contributes to the understanding that Christ continues to be the Paradox that one will believe in and will follow (Westphal 2008, 134-135).
Can spirituality and religiousness predict the disfunctions of personality?
If Father Drumont is successful in proselyting some villagers, it should be partly attributed to the latters' proclivity for religiousness. Sanni views this as "gullibility" (9) which, he adds, has a tendency to override the reflective impulse.
This was a long-term study that investigated the relationship between religiousness and major depression.
For a 10-year increase in age, there were increases in the odds of selecting politeness, hard work and respecting others, thrift/saving, unselfishness, and religiousness in both samples.
Religiousness and focusing on spiritual values had effects not only on mental but also physical health, as evidenced by a positive influence of broadly understood religiousness on conditions such as hypertension, cancer, and longevity [7-10].
And the press is welcome to participate." The Muslim cleric was angry after Sonu Nigam shook the Internet on April 17 with a series of tweets questioning why he needed to be woken up by the ' Azaan' in the morning and when this " forced religiousness would end in India"?
Generally, in people with a higher degree of education and income the degree of religiousness drops.
18 -- The need of today's times is to understand the youth, religion and religiousness. Usually a religious person is considered as a hardcore person, but that is not being religious.
The students' religiousness was expressed through their behavior, conduct, manners, and even routine actions.
Finally, religiousness has been found to correlate positively with self-esteem (Ibrahimi, 2009) and social intelligence (Al-Qodra, 2007).
The Muslim Experiential Religiousness Scale, validated in Iran as well as Pakistan, is another way of measuring the importance of religious practices.12,13 To the best of our knowledge, these scales have not been tested in the context of Ramadan counseling and risk stratification.
Kennedy and Lawton (1998) found "a statistically significant negative correlation between the willingness to behave unethically and the following variables measuring religion: conservatism, fundamentalism and intrinsic religiousness" (p.