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She also points out Stowe's willingness to look to sources other than scripture, not only modern religious writings but also "extra-biblical legends" (708) re-tracing the tales of undervalued Old Testament and New Testament women, such as Miriam and the Virgin Mary (711).
He is deadly accurate in the absence of religious writings in the Field Day collections--and would that the absence of religious writing in the Field Day had garnered as much protest as the absence of women writers, for in truth the exclusion is far more sweeping.
Script, Print, and Persecution," With Parts I and IV treating religious writing and one of the essays in Part II focusing on seventeenth-century bibles, the volume is heavily weighted toward religion, as, indeed, was the entire period under discussion.
Besides these aspects there is also a polemic that seeks to draw attention to the feminine, indeed feminist aspects of the play, and to explore how far links with other forms of religious writing can support or elaborate this project.
It comprises twenty chronologically ordered essays by well-known scholars, ranging over poetry, drama, stories and the novel, as well as such topics as Russian thought, folklore, women writers, socialist realism, literary theory, religious writing and emigre literature.
She quotes extensively from literature, from religious writing and from the newspapers in an attempt to illuminate her illness and its effect on her.
In setting the stage for his postmodern critique, Maltby traces the manifestations of the visionary moment through the conversion narratives in Western religious writing, the Romantic expressions of a nonrational epistemology, the ideologies of bourgeois individualism, and the various modernist attempts at transcending the cultural fragmentation of the early twen tieth-century.
From the crusades of the 11th century down to the present day, presentations of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam, in European literature and religious writing alike have often been used as a foil to Christian Europe's search for its own religious identity and to its search for identity through religion.
Consider Paul's use of pagan Greek religious beliefs, even quoting from a pagan religious writing, as part of his preparation for presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Greek religious philosophers at the Areopagus in Athens (Acts 17:16-34).
Dart, author of "Deities and Deadlines," a primer for journalists new to religious writing, attributes the emergence of religion coverage as major news mainly to the global ecumenical movement, the Catholic Church's historic second Vatican Council (1962-65), and to the religious involvement in the civil rights and antiwar activism of the 1960s.
He goes on, however, to criticize later commentators who have maintained this distinction between the secular verse, where Donne is rarely conflated with his narratorial persona, and the religious writing, examined for evidence of his beliefs.
In his excellent introduction Watson accepts this lack of profundity, but argues that in these very contradictions Rolle has a claim to historical and literary recognition, inasmuch as he is both an embodiment of and an important influence on a particularly insular development of religious writing.
The diversity of genres -- fairy tales, diaries, autobiography, and religious writing -- is also striking.
Gordon's later works include a collection of short stories, Temporary Shelter (1987), and the three novellas in The Rest of Life (1993); the novels Men and Angels (1985) and The Other Side (1989); and two works of nonfiction, Spiritual Quests: The Art and Craft of Religious Writing (1988) and Good Boys and Dead Girls and Other Essays (1991).
Religious writing in America began with Puritan, Quaker, and other refugees.