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Without prejudice to the conditions set forth by the church or religious sect, either of the former spouses may marry again after complying with the requirements of the preceding paragraph and Article 52 of the Family Code of the Philippines, otherwise the subsequent marriage shall be null and void.
The General Director said Article 309 of the penal code states: "A punishment for a period not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding BD100 shall be inflicted upon any person who commits an offence by any method of expression against one of the recognized religious sects or ridicules the rituals thereof.
BEIRUT: Hezbollah denounced the killing of a Shiite spiritual leader in Egypt and several others Monday after an unprecedented attack targeting the religious sect.
But he rejected the fame he'd earned as Soldier Soldier's Corporal Paddy Garvey to join a religious sect in 1997 when the series ended.
The Orthodox plan implies that each citizen would vote for the candidate representing his/her religious sect.
With an eye on Nadar votes, she is slated to visit Kanniyakumari on Januray 6 for an event connected with ' Ayya Vaikunda Swamy', a local religious sect which came into existence as a protest against Brahminacal orthodoxy.
Agra, Dec 23 (ANI) : At least 14 people were injured when villagers and followers of a religious sect clashed over the possession of land in the Lalgarhi area near here on Wednesday.
Which religious sect was founded by George Fox of Leicestershire, around 1652?
A South Korean court yesterday sentenced Jung Myung-seok, the leader of a fringe religious sect, to six years in jail for raping female followers, a court official said.
An Indonesian Muslim group is planning to file a lawsuit against the government saying it is undermining religious freedoms by deciding to impose special curbs on a minority religious sect condemned as "deviant" by some protesters.
religious sect House Of Yahweh, which predicted the end of the world in a nuclear holocaust on Tuesday, moved into underground bunkers on Wednesday despite not a lot happening.
And if it happens to be a gigantic stone circle that was used for seasonal rituals by an ancient religious sect, so be it.
Meek's novel takes place in 1919 in Siberia and follows a renegade Czech army unit that is left stranded in a community dominated by a religious sect, The Guardian reported.
At least four defendants, members of the religious sect Three Grades of Servants, are expected to be sentenced to death by an intermediate court in Shuangyashan, a city in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, the China Aid Association quoted government sources as saying.
The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a small branch of a South American religious sect may use hallucinogenic tea as part of a ritual intended to connect with God.
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