religious mysticism

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a religion based on mystical communion with an ultimate reality

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When I was a small girl in Catholic school, the concept of meditation was proffered regularly as a form of religious mysticism, a way to go deeper into our faith, into our souls, into the place where God hid inside us.
They also sought to modernize the process of inferring the religious text in a way which-as Ibn Rushd proposed over seven centuries earlier--, respected the primacy of reason, fought intellectual repression and religious mysticism, and by extension promoted philosophical rationalism as well as scientific modernization and social progress.
How did religious mysticism become the matter-of-fact topic of a mainstream news magazine in post-war America?
Baker also recounts Huxley's related interest in the problem of foundationalism, and how vacillation between positivism and skepticism ultimately gave way to faith in the power of science "to support religious mysticism and modes of direct intuition of foundational truth"; in this, Baker suggests, Huxley was too "eager to employ the charismatic discourse of science to bolster his belief that a foundational spiritual order does exist" (54; 57).
A wealth of historical, philosophical, and theological scholarship concerning religious mysticism over the past thirty years has recently begun to shape modern theological thought.
Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, because he combined a religious mysticism with political life.
In life Truth occupied the marginal space suspended between slavery and freedom, between love of family and duty to God, between religious mysticism and social reform, between the two racial worlds and interests of black and white reformers, between her native low Dutch dialect and standard English, between oral and print communication, between itinerancy and community, between agrarian and industrializing America.
On its 1996 debut, ``K,'' the group offered a crafty update of late-'60s psychedelia with extended pieces that featured percolating organ and wah-wah guitar in a colorful, slightly off-kilter parade of Indian chants and vague religious mysticism.
Both lived at a time when rationalism and positivism were making inroads against religious mysticism.
The idea of evolution as having tendencies toward "higher" or more complex organisms, for example, is considered, at best a dubious proposition, and at worst a piece of anthropomorphic conceit redolent of religious mysticism and apologetics for social inequality.
In her Pulitzer Prize-winning collection Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (1974), she distilled from keen observations of her own habitat the essential enigmas of religious mysticism.
Idel has also addressed methodological areas neglected by Scholem, such as the place of Kabbalah in the phenomenology of religious mysticism.
O makes her abusers into gods, justifying her suffering through the transcendent symbology of religious mysticism.
Nikolaeva's poetry should not be defined as religious literature, although her Christian sentiments and religious mysticism are quite perceptible, especially in the first two chapters of the collection.
Fits of religious mysticism alternated with bouts of sadistic cruelty and in 1582, he killed his heir with his bare hands.
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